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Recoil is the solo effort of Alan Wilder (now ex-Depeche Mode). On two tracks on the third album ``Bloodline'' (4+6) Toni Halliday sang vocals. See links for a link to Mute's Alan Wilder web page or follow the link above to his own webpage.

Recoil : Bloodline

Released in 1992

CD/LP/CS___STUMM 94 Mute Records (UK).
CD/LP/CS___W 2/4/? 26850 Sire/Reprise Records (US).

  1. Faith Healer (5:59)
  2. Electro Blues For Bukka White (8:58)
  3. The Defector (8:01)
  4. Edge To Life (6:08)
  5. Curse (7:04)
  6. Bloodline (6:48)
  7. Freeze (7:28)

All tracks written and produced by Alan Wilder except 1 by Harvey/McKenna. 2 co-written by Bukka White, 4 and 6 co-written by Toni Halliday and 5 co-written by Richard Hall (Moby). Vocals on 1: Douglas McCarthy, 2: Bukka White, 4,6:Toni Halliday, 5:Richard Hall (Moby). Vocals on 2 taken from the track Shake 'em on down by Bukka White. Bass guitar on 4 by Jimmy Hughes. Special thanks to Steve, Toni, Doug, Moby, Jim, Aaron Trinder, Kevin van Green and Diamanda Galas.
Link to Alan Wilder homepage.

Future Sound of London

FSoL are Dougans and Cobain. Ambient techno whatever, or just: amazing. Toni did a session with them where they turned some vocals into textures used in Cerebral (Disc 2, track 5). Return favour is their remix of tracks from Cuckoo (probably mostly Unreadable Communication, which you can find on BlackerThreeTrackerTwo.

Future Sound of London - Lifeforms

Released in 1994

CD_________CDV 2722 Virgin records.

Disc 2: 5. Cerebral (3:30)

Written and produced by FSoL.


Leftfield are Neil Barnes and Paul Daley. Toni did the vocals and lyrics for the song Original off of their album (track 5). The song was released as the 2nd single of the album called Leftism. The (cd)single contained 4 mixes. I believe the album is out on CD and triple vinyl. Just for the hell of it: while being interviewed for a Belgian magazine (called rif-raf, for the interested) the question popped up about the choice of singers to do the vocals for "open up" (the first single featuring John Lydon -if you don't know who that is..-) and "original" (the second single! surprise surprise.. with Toni on vocals). Well oddly they had an answer ready. "Open up" would have been proposed to Christy Moore (apparently Luka Bloom's brother.. don't ask me, I'm just the messenger :) and "Original" might have been (dis)graced by the vocals of Sinead O'Connor.

Leftfield - Leftism

Released in 1995

CD/LP______HAND CD2 Hard Hands/Columbia/Sony records.

  1. Release the pressure (7:36)
  2. Afro left (5:24)
  3. Melt (6:58)
  4. Song Of Life (6:25)
  5. Original (6:25)
  6. Black Flute (3:49)
  7. Space Shanty (7:18)
  8. Inspection Chant One (6:33)
  9. Storm 3000 (5:47)
  10. Open Up (6:55)
  11. 21st Century Poem (5:45)

Links to Leftfield resources


Leftfield Halliday - Original

Released in 1995

CD5________COL 661348-2 Hard Hands/Columbia/Sony records.

  1. Original [radio edit]
  2. Original [live dub]
  3. Original [jam]
  4. Filter Fish

Produced and mixed by Leftfield. Written by Barnes/Daley/Halliday.
Links to Leftfield resources

Freaky Chakra

Freaky Chakra is Daum Bentley. I would describe it a bit trippy/trancey acid techno, but luckily noone's asked me to pigeonhole it :) Words and Voice on track 3 by Toni Halliday. Guitar by Michael Kandel. Lowdown motivator is out on 12'' and CD. The CD has additional tracks, which are really (good) mixes of/variations on previous tracks.

Freaky Chakra - Lowdown Motivator

CD/LP______ASW 6133-2/4 Astralwerks.

  1. multiphasic invoculator (9:59)
  2. big aura (7:19)
  3. budded on earth to bloom in heaven (8:39)
  4. goodbye (8:11)
  5. peace fixation (trance mix) (14:09)
  6. tra vigne (5:35)
  7. halucifuge (blind dive) (7:43)
  8. lightdarklight (10:36)

All tracks written and produced by Daum Bentley except Big Aura and Tra Vigne by Daum Bentley & Jon Drukman and Halucifuge by Daum Bentley & Michael Kandel.
Words and Voice on Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven by Toni Halliday. Guitar by Michael Kandel. Guitar on Peace Fixation by Nickel Langeuin.
Links to Freaky Chakra resources


Freaky Chakra - Budded on earth to bloom in heaven

CD5________ASW 6151-2 Astralwerks.

  1. Budded.. [not underground/alternative radio edit] (4:16)
  2. Budded.. [First Last Always] (8:35)
  3. Budded.. [It's all good] (5:07)
  4. Budded.. [Post-neo ambient jungle potpourri] (7:42)
  5. Budded.. [Budded on Earth to bloom in Heaven] (8:26)
  6. Budded.. [Instrumentally yours] (7:24)

This single is filled with remixes of Budded in Earth to bloom in Heaven, shortened to Budded.. here.
Links to Freaky Chakra resources

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