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Status of lyrics presented here

On this page there are transcriptions of most of the lyrics. Since Cuckoo these have been printed in the booklet of all LPs, but this was not the case for Doppelgänger and all EPs.
Because it interests me and other people on the mailinglist, there are unofficial lyrics included here as well, which are marked as such.

Thanks for the Pubic Fruit and Doppelgänger lyrics to the nice people at Anxious: Juliette specifically and Herbie who typed them in. Cuckoo lyrics were typed in by !!!!!!!!!!!. Unofficial lyric transcriptions credited indepently and the rest was taken from the official site.

The lyrics as released

Doppelgänger, Cuckoo and Come Clean.
Pubic Fruit (Blindfold EP, Coast is Clear EP and Cherry EP), Faît EP, HorrorHead EP, BlackerThreeTracker EP, Pink Girl with the Blues EP, Chinese Burn EP and Coming Up Roses EP.
The remaining lyrics have been compiled as various.

All lyrics compiled

All Of One // Alligators Getting Up // Already Yours // Arms Out // Beyond Reach // Black Delilah // Blindfold // Cherry // Chinese Burn // Clipped // Coast Is Clear // Come Clean // Coming Up Roses // Cotton Candy // Crystal // Cuckoo // Die Like A Dog // Dirty High // Dog Bone // Doppelganger // Fait Accompli // Forgotten Sanity // Frozen // Galaxy // HorrorHead // I Speak Your Every Word // Ice That Melts The Tips // Killer Baby // Left Of Mother // Lillies Dying // Low And Behold // Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus // Missing Link // No Escape From Heaven // Nothing Without Me // Nowhere // On The Wheel // Pink Girl With The Blues // Recovery // Sandpit // Something Familiar // Split Into Fractions // Superblaster // Sweetback // Sweetest Pie // Ten Little Girls // The Colour Hurts // Think and Act // Turkey Crossing // Unreadable Communication // Wish You Dead // Zoo
Falling Free // Habit // Midnight & Royal // Mission From God // Robbing Charity // Sigh // Test // Today Is Not The Day

Alternative aka ancient history

At one point a lot of info on bands, including lyrics were kept at the archive The lyrics seem to have gone, but you can try a lyrics server in Switzerland instead:

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