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Next to all of Toni's solo efforts there are some other ``relevant'' releases. In chronological order.

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Bonk - The Smile and the Kiss

Released 1983.

12"________12ENY 505 Ensign Records. Licensed through Island Records.

  1. The Smile and the Kiss
  2. Big Love [extended version]

Toni sang vocals for them. Her picture is featured on the cover.


The Uncles - What's the use of pretending

Released 1984.

7"_________MCA 918 MCA Records.
12"________MCA T918 MCA Records. *

  1. A: What's the use of pretending
  2. B: Throw of the Dice *
  3. B: Deep Water

Songs written by T.Halliday/C.Pike. Produced by Alan Williams.



Released 1986

CD_________CDV 2382 Virgin Records.

  1. Naked as the day (5:23)
  2. Natural colour [remix] (5:29)
  3. Rock-a-bye baby (4:41)
  4. Work-man (5:24)
  5. Human kind (4:09)
  6. The winds of change
    (so many things) (4:16)
  7. We go under (4:13)
  8. Take me to the king (4:34)
  9. Lost souls (3:50)
  10. Rescue (6:01)
  11. Trout (3:11)
  12. Strange air (3:46)

Made by State of Play, mixed by Neville Nixon at Trident 1 and 2, mix engineer - Alan Moulder. 'Lost Souls' mix engineer - Tim Hunt. Natural colour mixed by Eric 'ET' Thorngren. All vocals recorded by Neville Nixon except for 'Natural colour' recorded by Jon Bavin.
The first official cooperation between Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia was the produced State of Play, together with Olle Romö and Julie Fletcher (Dean's girlfriend/wife). It fell apart with the "departure of Toni Halliday", she "left" / "was kicked out" after disagreement with their management. It however spawned one CD/LP.


State of Play - Rock-a-bye baby

Released 1986

7"_________VS 873 Virgin Records.
12"________VS 873-12 Virgin Records. *

7" VS 873

  • A: Rock-a-bye Baby
  • B: Metropolis
12" VS 873-12
  • A: Rock-a-bye Baby [special extended mix]
  • B: Rock-a-bye Baby [extended mix]
  • B: Metropolis

Songs written by Garcia/Halliday/Romo/Bavin. Strings on R-a-b-b arranged by Paul French. Guitars on R-a-b-b by Pete Glenister, Dave A. Stewart and Chris Jarett. Mixed by Neville Nixon at Trident I. Mixing engineer Alan Moulder. Made at home by State of Play. Keyboards on Metropolis by Jon Bavin. Mixed at home.
Lyrics to R-a-b-b printed on back.


State of Play - Natural colour

Released 1986

7"_________VS 850 Virgin Records.
12"________VS 850-12 Virgin Records. *

7" VS 850

  • A: Natural Colour
  • B: Lost Souls
12" VS 850-12
  • A: Natural Colour [extended mix]
  • B: Natural Colour [instrumental]
  • B: Lost Souls

Made by State of Play. Track 1+3: Dick Cuthell plays horns. Paul French plays piano. Also: Paul French vocal performance on track 3.
Natural Colour mixed by Eric 'ET' Thorngren. Natural Colour lyrics by Ian Martin. Illustration and design Scott X Scott. Photograph Graham Hughes. Make-Up Phyllis Cohen.
weird sleeve photograph.
ROGI - 7": State of play X / Olle, Toni, Dean, Julie

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