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Most of the news snippets you'll find here eventually are taken from the CURVE mailinglist and the official CURVE webpage (mostly the noticeboard). Consider yourself encouraged to track those for yourself. However, since either don't come exactly free (of time), here's what you may be missing.


US release of Gift after all

Although UMG (Universal) accepted Gift as the last album to free them from their contract, they initially shelved it. For whatever reason, good or bad, it looks like it is going to be available (in the US) after all:
A few day's ago Dean and I were informed by Estupendo that they had secured a release for our album "GIFT" in America. Both of us are very pleased with this as it will enable our fans to get there hands on the album and will also put to bed this unfinished business for us, what a relief for all concerned. We will be mastering the record next week with Kevin Metcallfe,who has done most of the Curve records to date.we'll post a picture from the cutting rooms for all to soon as we have more details/release dates we will make sure you are the first to know.


Open Day at the Hatefest

Compilation of MP3s plus 3 new unreleased tracks now available as a limited edition, web only release. go buy it! Tracks include:
  1. Nowhere
  2. The Birds they Do Fly
  3. Che
  4. Turnaround
  5. Backwards Glance
  6. Speedcrash
  7. Storm
  8. Caught in the Alleyway
  9. Open Day at the Hatefest
Price is GBP 11 but they will ship anywhere in the world.


headcase - crosseyedrabbit

More noise, ambient, and experimental sounds from Dean. First 1000 in luxury packaging with bonus cd-rom featuring Soundscrape. Go to to buy. Tracks Include:
  1. intro briefing
  2. K20
  3. Chemical..written and recorded with Barry MaGuire.
  4. Vibri
  5. 81..recorded in the office with Harry K.G.
  6. Pink..ambivoices by Jo Neale and wombbaby
  7. If Now When ?
  8. Pure..voice and words wombbaby
  9. Basilisk..written and recorded with Martian
  10. Bass Simm
  11. Harrys Oasis..voice and words Harry K.G.
  12. Say
  13. 1779
  14. Postcard..written with Jo Neale
  15. Kill The Enemy..written and recorded with Martian
  16. Cry Baby
  17. Bad Dad..written and recorded with Rose Berlin Garcia
  18. Come Again..written and recorded with Barry MaGuire
  19. Ghost
  20. Librium
Price is GBP 15 but they will ship anywhere in the world.

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