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If you're close to where you want to go and get what you set out for, but didn't quite reach it yet? This is the obligatory link-haven with some suggestions you might be interested in.

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Related bands..

Before, during and after CURVE, Toni has sung on other people's records. I've left out occasions where she only did backing vocals. Then there's a couple of people who did remixes. In no order at all:
Toni sang on the third Recoil album.
Freaky Chakra (Daum Bentley)
got Toni to sing on one of the tracks (also released as a seperate single with remixes of the track) on Lowdown Motivator. The same samples can be heard on Dream (I think) from his latest release: Blacklight Orchestra. Astralwerks has a Freaky Chakra page.
teamed up with Toni for Original from their album Leftism. See also Hard hands records. Sorry, old links were not working anymore.
Future Sound of London
Remixed tracks from Cuckoo into the smooth Rising (Headspace Mix) on BlackerThreeTrackerTwo. There's also some FSOL info on the Astralwerks' FSOL website.
Drum Club
at M.C. projects on-line
Trent Reznor or Nine Inch Nails
made the Screaming Bird mix of Missing Link with Flood, which appears on BlackerThreeTrackerTwo as well.

En route..

These links are more of a link back to sites which I stumbled upon having a link to the CURVE page. If that counts as justification you might just find some interesting sites/sights at the other ends of these links.
The ultimate band list. Once hope in the dark pre web commercialism days, now victim as well, but still with a clear goal and a certain amount of success.
If you're looking for another mailing list to fill up your mailbox, check out the ultimate attempt at a complete list. It used to be at, which is the list of music mailing lists.
The Wonderwall.
In case you wondered if Indie died yet.
The Supersonic pages.
In case you wondered if Indie died yet too.
Dreampop links
features links to dreampop bands (wide definition IMO) past and present.

Music guides, indexes and review archives

There are tons of music sites out there, but only a selection feels the need to mention CURVE. For that reason I've listed indexes I like and other links to people who've asked me for one. Feel free to send me more suggestions.
All Music Guide
CURVE live pictures
part of pop!folio: Concert photography by Jennifer Jeffery (
Music Database
Wanted/Offered kind of database backed by CDDB database.
CDDB database.
CD database that can be used with certain cd players which can automatically retrieve disc information. This site provides a web interface to the database.

Online shopping

There are zillions of on-line shops nowadays. Most of them are hardly interesting for CURVE fans, but as becomes apparent reading various pointers on the mailinglist you can extend your collection by carefully keeping an eye out for old and new releases (official as well as promos) at places mentioned.

This is a list of the most interesting places. There is no information yet on whether or not these places are good stores to deal with, but I welcome all experiences you've had with any of them.

Some of these places claim certain items are rare; this is hardly ever actually true. Either way the market for promos is a lot smaller too, so why pay big bucks? The only thing which is actually collectible according to a more generic guide is the silver sleeve Cherry EP on 10'' and that one was only worth 7 UK pounds in 1995.

Whenever items are listed, this might just mean that they believe they can order them from their sources: ``backordering''. This is often a road to misery, because more often than not they suppliers can't follow through.

Lately people on the mailinglist as well as others are using online auctions to sell their unwanted records. A great source, but you'll be betting against real collectors. The Superblaster EP, for example, raised bids exceeding 100 USD.

A meta-catalog of a collection of mail-order/online companies. Quite a number of CURVE items listed usually.
Early pre-ordering.
Friendly made to measure service, but where are they now?
Action Records
Has promos for sale.
PGwtB sighted. Still have to check this out myself.
Let it be records
Nose for rare goodies? Still have to check this out myself.
Online auction site. Don't know anything except they're having many technical difficulties :-)

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