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Welcome to this unofficial CURVE site. Some things that you may want to know:


Things being as they are, this site does not offer anything with a guarantee or a blinking official tag. Thankfully there are other sources for this kind of information. Check the links page.

Odd-looking email addresses

Unfortunately these webpages are being harvested by shady types collecting email addresses to send spam to. For this reason, I've replaces the @ in every email address with a # sign. It's not meant to outsmart them indefinitely, but helps for now.


This page is located at, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It used to be available from more than one place, but for the moment you'll only find it here. If you're tired of linking and relinking: this will remain the main location.


It all started with the discography of this band I just discovered through Doppelgänger. The time when you found 10 or so other people on and you learned about all those EP releases you never knew of. After posting 1 or 2 versions Kimmo insisted I'd go through with setting up a mailinglist, which almost instantly grew to around 30 people. Who'd ever thought you'd meet this many people who liked music no one you knew had heard?

Next step was starting a web site when the world wide web was quite young and I had just figured out what you could do with it. When you first had to find out how to compile your browser, Mosaic, that is.

Looking back, it was a very simple page, but the way you could get everything about CURVE to stick together like that was exciting.

[Any Browser] It's a different game now. It's still a product of a hobby. It's glued together by all kinds of geeky UNIX stuff. I want it to be usable from lynx (a text browser) and I want it to look sober, but not boring. And last but not least it should be a HTML formatted page without ``dirty'' tricks. Yes, I screwed up in this version, but I'll probably fix it. No pun intended.

There are many pages out there about CURVE these days, all with their own highlights. In the light of this, I will probably stick with the essentials here, and at the same time make it as useful as possible.

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