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About the list...

There is a mailinglist to discuss CURVE and related bands. The list is mainly about CURVE, but since there is a big void in mailinglist land it happens that discussion turns to bands people have noticed or compare to CURVE.
In general you could say it's about CURVE in every detail and about other bands when people express their opinions. One safe way to go about sending absolutely unrelated posts, which you'd still like to send to this list is by including "NON-CURVE:" in the subject, or something to that effect.


This list is available in three formats for your convenience. The main list is a non-moderated list and is only maintained on a fix-when-broken basis. The state of the list varies wildly, but in general it's not mailbox hog. This used to be a quiet list but you have to consider it a medium-traffic list nowadays. 5 messages per day on average with peaks as high as 20.
In case you don't want to get all the small messages, you could try the digest version. You will receive digests which consist of several emails sent to the list. It's sent out whenever there is a set amount of new posts. A disadvantage is that it's uncomfortable to join in discussions because you get the posts later and as one big email.


As rules imply they're enforced, this list doesn't really have any rules - just guidelines.
I am making one exception to this, which interferes with my task to take care of the machine the list is run from: large attachments. There are several good reasons for not sending huge attachments through email. Attachments which are in fact relevant and are really border cases will be considered, but this matter is not open for discussion since there's no right or wrong. In these cases I regard it as my responsibility to run this list in a sensible manner.

This is not an attempt to recreate netiquette. It's just a list of things you might consider.

How to subscribe

From the welcome message:

This mailinglist is run with Majordomo. For automatic (un)subscribing and other automated commands. The mailinglist address for submissions. In case of problems or questions.

To sign on send mail to with subscribe curve in the body of the message, like this. You will receive an approval message shortly after this, to which you have to reply to finalise your subscription.
If you have problems with the list send mail to and I will try to help you out.


Although an archive is often a nice thing to have, I've however decided against keeping one available: few requests for one over time, all kinds of annoying consequences of having one. Lurk and learn.

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