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CURVE are:
(Antoinette) Toni Halliday (5th July 1964)
officially only vocals, obviously she contributed ideas for ``their sound''.
Previous bands: Incest, first band (punk) around 1978 (in her words: when you didn't have to be anyf*cking good). The Uncles, split after one release. State of Play, which she calls '' Dean & Julie's band''. It fell apart just after the "departure of Toni Halliday", she "left" / "was kicked out" after disagreement with their management. More information on Toni's musical career is elsewhere on the website.
Dean Garcia (3rd May 1958)
bass, guitar and programming.

Live the line-up is completed by:

Rob Holliday
Steve Monti
plays drums, live and on some of the songs on Cuckoo when the drum machine had some time off. Played live for various bands as well as on some records (ie. Swallow's Hush EP).

Previous additional members:

Alan Moulder
played guitar for Peel Sessions (live) and for some tracks on Come Clean, besides (co)producing and mixing a lot of CURVE material.
Nicolaj Bjerre (Springy)
played drums on some of the live gigs for Come Clean in the UK, but was replaced by Monti for the rest of the tour.
Debbie Smith
guitar. She played guitar for Echobelly after the breakup, but is no longer with them anymore.
Alex Mitchel
played guitar. Released 2 solo EPs as Choob.

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