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Toni's musical career

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[ Women, sex and rock`n'roll (in their own words) by Liz Evans        ]
[ ISBN: 0-04-440900-1 Published by Pandora (London and San Francisco) ]

... After an idyllic hippy childhood, Halliday was abandoned in Greece by her father at the age of seven, with her mother and sisters, and grew up, hurt and confused, in England's Northeast. At 14 she signed her first solo record deal and started modelling in the hope of raising enough money to move to London. A television appearance led to a meeting with Dave Stewart, who was then in ``The Tourists'' with her idol, Annie Lennox, and who was to prove instrumental in her musical career.

By the time she was 16 Halliday was waitressing in London and soon had another record deal with her band, ``The Uncles''. After one single release they broke up and she joined State of Play with Dean Garcia, former Eurythmics bassist whom she'd met through Stewart, and Garcia's girlfriend Julie. Eventually Halliday was kicked out of the bnand, and ended up with another solo deal on Stewart's record label, Anxious, although by the time her album was released she had lost interest.

The idea for Curve came to Halliday while she was in Los Angeles with her boyfriend Alan Moulder, who was producing Shakespears Sister's album, ``hormonally yours''. She rushed back to England, contracted Garcia, made a demo, gave it to Stewart who was duly impressed, and Curve was born. With their first EP, ``Blindfold'', they sent the music press into raptures, although Halliday was quickly homed in on, becoming a focal point for itchy teenage male lust and her self-assertion was interpreted as a kind of sexy standoffishness.....

As you may or may not have guessed the book wishes to explore how all female performers, telling their story in the book, ``have shaken the foundation of a once safe sanctuary for rattled male egos, and blasted open the faultline initiated by a scattered heritage of visionaries and rulebreakers'' in their own words.

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