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Over the long time this web page has existed, a lot of people helped out by typing in interviews, scanning pictures and providing information. It would be too hard to mention everyone, but I'm going to try anyway:

The web page started more than 5 years ago, somewhere in '92 and is in it's 3rd incarnation today.

It started off with a discography I threw together with the help of some people on when it still was worth reading.

With the help of Brian Hostetler the first draft was put together and corrected using a private discography kept by Kimmo Sääskilahti.

For version 1 I got input and additions from Erik Södeström. and Matthew Kirkcaldie, who also allowed me to put a copy of his great interview on this page.

I got some more detailed information from another private discography by Ivar and more corrections from Michael Stein.

To finish it all off and make it into the complete thing it is, also concerning Toni's solo work and run-out groove inscriptions, I got a load of details and corrections from Peter Granström.

Corrections and additions for Toni's solo work as well as nearly every article about CURVE published in the UK and the Netherlands (all of which I still haven't waded through) were sent to me by Diana de Bruin. Additionally I got quite a few scans of promotional photographs and the La Stampa interview! (My introduction to CURVE)

Thanks to Marc Morris for several scans of very improbable finds of his (Chinese Burn promos, Bonk 12'', Falling Free Aphex Twin remix) and the information to go with it.


There are quite a lot of people who deserve to have their name mentioned here, including the out-of-control bunch that makes up the mailinglist, but I just can't remember everything. You're welcome to tell me I forgot you...

Kellie-Jane Adan, Patrick Asselman, Syed Bokhari, Jamie Brown, Diana de Bruin, Hussain Chinoy, Bt Garner, Peter Granström, Samuel Harmon, Brian Hostetler, Jason Ingram, Ivar, Mark Kahn, Kelley Ketchmark, Doug Levy, Mario Menger, Marc Morris, Robert, Kimmo Sääskilahti, Lesley Snyder, Erik Södeström, Michael Stein, Aaron Thorne, Simon Trimmer,

and the people I forgot here.

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