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Used to be famous

Date: Thu, 18 Jul 1996 13:32:56 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Peter Granström <>
Subject: Toni interview

"Didn't we used to be famous?"

(From Select no 74, August 1996)

[An article about UK indie-bands before Oasis]

CURVE --- Toni Halliday (vocals)

Icy, calculating duo singned to Dave Stewart's Anxoius label, led by premier rock vixen Halliday. On the live stage, line-up included guitarist Dabbie Smith, now with Echobelly. Went 'belly-up' around the time of 'Cuckoo', released in '93.

What was the peak of you career?
"The fact that we got to make records like 'Horror head' and 'Fait accompli'. We never got playlisted once. Radio One was never interested. We once got this summary from them that said, 'Why have you sent us this? Carter [USM] are as hard as we get.'"

What was your appeal?
"That we were as sexy as fuck? I just remember us as a musical force, hearing that rumble from the back of the stage. We amazed ourselves occasionally, but most of the time I thought we were crap."

Favourite memory of pop stardom?
"It's boring, but the touring side. America from 1992 to '93. We played with The Cure in Dallas to 45,000 people and with Nirvana in Paris."

When did it all start to slide?
"I still think our second album (the aforementioned 'Cuckoo') was our best. It got to the point where Dean didn't want to tour. We did reach that point of hedonistic head-fuckery, glugging JD, hollering 'Where's the schnozz?'. You finally get out of your system and think, 'This is sad.' We couldn't have go on like that."

"My only regret is Glastonbury '93. We fucked up badly. We got away with it despite the fact that I was singing in the wrong key, Debbie was playing a different song, and the three other members were on 15 lagers each."
[since CURVE only played Glasto once, in 1992, I assume Miss Halliday means that year...]

What are you doing now?
"I'm exploring the production side, soundtracks. I did this track for 'Showgirls'. No, I didn't know what was in store. I met Paul Verhoven and he was just so charismatic. He wowed me into this horrible film, selling it as some intellectual comment on the sex indusrty. I walked out after 45 mminutes, the screen went dead every time that woman was on it. That's the direction I'm going in though."

What do you think of Garbage?
"Good luck to them. I can see our influence. I'm actually quite chuffed - I know Butch Vig. He's a big CURVE fan - he wanted to produce our third album. I'm not bitter. If we helped to open doors then that's good."

[Interestingly, Miki Berenyi of Lush says in the same article:]

Who should have made it?
"Oh god! You look at a band like Garbage, they're good, but they ARE CURVE."

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