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On CURVE's return with Pink Girl with the Blues, the NME wrote the following story. It's been nicked of their web site ( and I'm not sure if it's still available through it. Most details turned out differently, so this is only of historic value.

curve pair back in the 'pink'

CURVE, early '90s goth popsters, return with a new single next month. Toni Halliday and Dean Garcia, who split over two years ago, release 'Pink Girl With The Blues' on September 2 and will follow it up with a new album, tentatively entitled 'Magic Music Medicine', early next year. Both will be released on Fat Lip Records, singer Halliday's own label.

She explained that Curve called it a day in January 1994 because they were "disgusted" with the music industry. Halliday continued: "We weren't happy with the way anything was going. It had stopped being fun and we couldn't do what we wanted any more. We just wanted to jump off that treadmill."

In their time apart, Halliday collaborated with Leftfield and set up another band, Scylla, while Garcia wrote movie scores. When Halliday picked up a microphone on a recent visit to Garcia's house they decided it would be a good idea to start over again, but on their own terms.

There has been renewed interest in Curve after bands like Garbage cited them as an influence, and according to Toni, she and Dean still felt that they had "unfinished business". The reformed Curve have no immediate plans to tour, but they are involved with CD-Rom and Internet projects and are contributing a track to US avant garde film-maker Gregor The Doom Generation Raki's new film Nowhere.

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