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Apart from the fact I could care less about charts like these, it's interesting to see what songs actually sold. So without delay: has the jury reached a verdict?

                      A      B      C
  1. Coast is Clear 11/09/91 12 8
  2. Fait Accompli 3/28/92 17 6
  3. Horror Head 5/30/92 23 5

The meaning of these hideous numbers:
Column A:
Date song first entered Modern Rock Tracks chart. A + sign after the year means the song held its highest position during the year after its debut (applies to songs debuting near the end of the year). If a song re-enters the chart after an absence of at least 3 months, then a second entry is listed for the song.
Column B:
Peak position a song reaches on the chart. The number that is occasionally seen in parentheses is the number of weeks the song was at its peak position (applies to #1 and #2 songs). A + sign after the peak position indicates that the song is currently charting as of the 12/17/94 chart and may still chart higher.
Column C:
Number of weeks a song was in the top 30/40. A + sign after the number indicates that the song is on the chart as of 12/17/94 and likely will be in the top 40 longer.

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