Chapter 7. Server config file format

Table of Contents
7.1. General format
7.2. Specific blocks and directives
7.3. Hostname resolution (DNS)

7.1. General format

The config file consists of a series of BIND-style blocks. Each block consists of a series of values inside it which pertain to configuration settings that apply to the given block.

Several values take lists of values and have defaults preset inside them. Prefix a keyword with a tilde (~) to override the default and disable it.

A line may also be a .include directive, which is of the form

.include "file"
and causes file to be read in at that point, before the rest of the current file is processed. Relative paths are first tried relative to PREFIX and then relative to ETCPATH (normally PREFIX/etc).

Anything from a # to the end of a line is a comment. Blank lines are ignored. C-style comments are also supported.