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  1. C P L&C: OP: Lois in a chair
  2. C P L&C: Lois has received some flowers
  3. C P L&C: BATP: B&W
  4. C P L&C: another _beautiful_ smile
  5. C P L&C: Lois and Martha hug
  6. C P NI: nice smile
  7. C P L&C: WHALTTA: L&C, silhouetted against the moon
  8. C P L&C
  9. C P L&C: morning workout
  10. C P NI: Teri in a sexy pose; black dress, red background
  11. C P TftC: Stacy looking towards the lens
  12. C P TftC: Stacy smiles
  13. C P TftC: Stacy is amused
  14. C P NI: Teri in front of some mirrors
  15. C P TftC: Stacy, bound and gagged
  16. C P TftC: Stacy, bound; crying out in despair (?)
  17. C P NI: Teri on top of a telephone booth
  18. C P NI: Sexy picture of Teri; orange background, black clothes
  19. C P NI: Awful dress; looks Spanish to me
  20. C P NI: Cap, semi-long hair, beautiful smile, sportive clothes
  21. C P NI: Teri & Jon
  22. C P [gone]
  23. C P L&C: Lois holding Clark's head
  24. C P L&C: Lois, sitting up in bed
  25. C P NI: Emmys?
  26. C P NI/L&C: Extra
  27. C P L&C: Lois is looking perplexed
  28. C P L&C: Lois looking, longingly, out of the window
  29. C P NI: Teri with a predatory look on her face
  30. C P L&C: short hair, beautiful smile - as featured in the opening
  31. C P L&C: Starring Teri Hatcher blurb
  32. C P L&C: OP (I think - it's been a while)
  33. C P NI: _Nice_ dress
  34. C P TVg: Oct. 21-27 cover
  35. C P L&C: Who's asking...?
  36. C P NI: Emmys?
  37. C P NI: Emmys?: Teri & Jon
  38. C P L&C: Lois is sitting on a desk - nice legs
  39. C P L&C: Listen To Me... - kind of pose
  40. C P L&C: Huh? - kind of pose
  41. C P L&C: black dress, sexy smile
  42. C P L&C: same dress as previous picture, but fuller view
  43. C P L&C: same dress again, at a dining table
  44. C P L&C: and another - _strange_ facial expression
  45. C P L&C: a popular dress, it seems; interested look
  46. C P L&C: that dress is getting on my nerves - Teri's still in it, though; this time with a beautiful smile again
  47. C P L&C: similar to previous picture, but fuller view
  48. C P L&C: Thoughtful look
  49. C P L&C: waff!
  50. C P L&C: Desk + legs = sexy
  51. C P L&C: Same scene as 3 pictures before
  52. C P L&C: Lois is holding a gun
  53. C P TCS: Jarvis is kissing Dani from behind
  54. C P NI: Woa, major hairspray!
  55. C P TCS: Satisfied look
  56. C P TCS: Dani in the cafe
  57. C P TCS: Dani is looking up at Jarvis; tantalising shot
  58. C P TCS: Dani in the play
  59. C P TCS(?): nice picture (nightgown)
  60. C P L&C
  61. C P ATU
  62. C P TCS: the most infamous picture
  63. C P L&C: ABC logo, red sheets, 'S' pillow, great legs
  64. C P NI: ABC logo, brown coat
  65. C P L&C: another picture with Teri in Superman's cape - a bad pic
  66. C P NI: sexy, though
  67. C P NI: another ABC promo; how-can-we-fit-all-of-her-in-one-picture
  68. C P NI: Graphic Response scan; how-can-we-use-lots-of-unnecessary-space

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