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In an effort to revive Doug Hay's eif, here's my current source tgz. It has been patched a little into the direction of modern Un*x, so it probably won't compile on older systems anymore. I simply had to do this, to make the code a little bit more debuggable.

A lot of contributions went into a standard installed eifrc.include along with the scripts themselves.
You need to have GNU's readline library with header files installed. (which is the case default on most sensible modern OS's.)

Here is an HTML version of the manual page.

It is IPv6 capable. The OSes and platforms I have tested it on are a.o.

The latest stable release can be found here:

My latest eif-1.3.4 release as (source) tar.gz

NB: the only change from 1.3.3 is a fix for a compilation problem on some Linux systems.

This is the last release before replacing the connection code with an asynchronous version.
Hints / suggestions / bugs to me please.
Old versions:
eif-1.3.0 | eif-1.3.1 | eif-1.3.2 | eif-1.3.3
eif-1.2.1 | eif-1.2.2 | eif-1.2.3 | eif-1.2.4

Local Games I deitied and usually played in as Euforia.

Other stuff

An IPv6 patch for the 4.2.11/12 server source. All my local games run it (toad.stack.nl:9898)
A highlighting patch for own sectors in the maps for the 4.2.10/11 server source, which works like in Ice World II/V.
A highlighting + mapdump patch for sectors in the {b,n,}maps for the 4.2.10 server source.
A patch for 4.2.11 to make units automatically fortify themselves whenever their mobility would grow beyond land_mob_max.
A ptkei-patch for 1.16.0 - 1.18.1 for IPv6 support.
A ptkei-mapcolor-patch for 1.18.1. Don't forget to put stuff like
Ptkei*Map.sectors.sharebmap%dSector_fill : #color
Ptkei*Map.sectors.sharebmap%cSector_fill : #color
in your TkOption where %d are country numbers, %c are the lowercased first letters of country names and color is a color in 6-digit hex.

The ancient harmless guide to empire.
An ancient version of the empire faq. Try rec.games.empire for the latest version.

More ancient stuff on Funet.fi

Doxygen output for a recent CVS version of the code.

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