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bbm-package: alternative doublestruck (blackboard) math characters

With the bbm package (\usepackage{bbm}) it is possible to add symbols for several standard sets. Usage : \mathbbm{N} in mathmode gives $\mathbbm{N}$. Some more examples:

$\mathbbm{N}$ \mathbbm{N} $\mathbbm{Z}$ \mathbbm{Z} $\mathbbm{Q}$ \mathbbm{Q} $\mathbbm{R}$ \mathbbm{R}
$\mathbbm{C}$ \mathbbm{C} $\mathbbm{F}$ \mathbbm{F} $\mathbbm{K}$ \mathbbm{K}    

The bbm-package has three fonts total:
$\mathbbm{NZQRCFKabc123}$ \mathbbm{NZQRCFKabc123}
$\mathbbmss{NZQRCFKabc123}$ \mathbbmss{NZQRCFKabc123}
$\mathbbmtt{NZQRCFKabc123}$ \mathbbmtt{NZQRCFKabc123}

For more information check (in the file of your format check table 135: Math Alphabets).

Jan Willem Knopper 2007-12-18