Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Spark of life

Can you feel it too?
Though the world's still cold and grey
I feel something glow.

It's the start of spring,
Giving life to all that sleeps
As it starts to grow.

Everything turns green,
Flowers spring up everywhere,
Nature comes alive.

Any moment now,
Birdsong fills the air again -
Springtime has arrived.

Spring Summer Autumn Winter


Finally there's time to do
All those things I wanted to.

I'll go camping with my tent.
I'll go swimming in the sea.
I'll explore a foreign land.
Will you come along with me?
It will be so much fun.


But today
I will just lay here
In the sun.

Spring Summer Autumn Winter


Even though it's not yet winter
It is clear that summer's gone.
Leaves turn yellow, red and golden
Now that autumn has begun.

Even when the sun is shining
Light seems empty, cold and grey.
In the fields, birds flock together,
Gathering to fly away.

Wind and rain become more frequent
As the year is growing old.
There is beauty in this season,
But its beauty is quite cold.

When outside is cold and lonely,
Inside where it's warm I'll be.
There is space under my blanket-
Will you hide away with me?

Spring Summer Autumn Winter


In the morning the snowy world
Turns black to blue to grey to white.
It's yet another winter day
And looking out I feel allright.
The morning cold is so refreshing
And everything is white with snow.
Just looking at it makes me happy.
I wish the winter'd never go.

Spring Summer Autumn Winter