Drak's CD Player (Project): PlayCD

Currently newest version: 1.27 (download playcd.tgz)

What is PlayCD?

PlayCD is a workbone-like Audio CD player for Linux. It uses NCurses to make it somewhat graphically appealing, and features a semi-use-friendly interface.
+- Drak's CD Player V1.25 -------------------------------------------------+
|                                                                          |
|           +---------+        +----+    +----+ 177 --------+-------- 177  |
|    Status | SHUFFLE |  Track | 18 | of | 19 |     L    Balance    R      |
|           +---------+        +----+    +----+                            |
|           +----------+       +----------+         -   VolumeBar   +      |
|    Played | 00:32.20 |  left | 02:31.71 |         ----------------+      |
|           +----------+       +----------+         Restart CD             |
|                                                                          |


PlayCD has the following features: And it's all for free. Any suggestions are welcomed. If they are implemented, it will be noted on this page, along with your name.


V1.00: Simple player, no direct track selection, no fastforward or rewind option, no balance or volume control. No shuffle. No help even.

V1.02: Added a shuffle feature.

V1.04: Added a volume control.

V1.05: Better error handling, and CD-changer support (Thanx Peter Palm).

V1.08: Direct track selection added, and shuffle play.

V1.10: Fastforward and rewind added.

V1.12: Added a built-in help (Thanx Martijn van Buul).

V1.14: Added separate left and right volume controls and two useless ones.

V1.16: Removed volume controls and made a new one. Added balance control and Autorestart option.

V1.17: Changed the Autorestart option to allow restarting individual tracks, the whole CD, or nothing.

V1.20: No outer changes, but recoded usin a C++ class for the cd functions. Now comes with easycd.cpp which contains the class (made by me) and its headerfile.

V1.21: Oops! Fixed a major bug concerning a particularly nasty problem when trying to play a data-track.

V1.22: Added a compiler option __CDCHANGER to allow owners of cd changers to select which tray to use on startup, as a command line option. This is NOT noted in the man file! (Thanx Peter Palm)

V1.25: Fixed some odd bug causing the player to pause at the end of each track (sometimes). Added play-on-if-cd-is-already-playing function (Thank you Roggy P).

V1.26: Checking for end-of-track now works better. Restart is now off by default.

V1.27: Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow retracting the tray. Added 'drakcd v1.26vga' to the package. This one is not supported, and I'll only make changes when I feel like it :). To compile it, do something like: gcc vgacd.cpp easycd.cpp -o vgacd -lvga

Known 'bugs'