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What's QuoCount? - Quocount is a program which extracts statistics from logfiles from BBS-related programs like FrontDoor(and compatibles like Maindoor),FMail,Xenia and from Hudson or JAM compatible messagebases (messagebase support only in combination with FMail). Please note that the DOC is still Dutch. The commandline options however (QC /?) are already English. Somebody reported that he was able to figure it out without too much trouble. (partially because the setup-file comments are also english)

The statistics concern things like

Further information and limitations in the doc.
The QuoCount project is currently abandoned, Simply because I don't use Fidonet anymore. I also changed programming language meanwhile. (From Modula-2 back to Pascal). A clean rewrite would be handy anyway.
Well, the downloading area:

QCD_113.ZIP (100k)
QuoCount, statistics maker for FMail and FrontDoor. Xenia costs-logfile also supported. Emergency release for FMail 1.20, untested with version 1.40.

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