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Cookie is a BSD-games Fortune clone.
Fortune is a program that shows a short text (quote or joke) each time it is run. Such a text is called a "fortune".

Currently I also distribute 21 MB Fortunes archive, a sed based shell-script to convert to true Fortune sources is included in the source archive

The new 32-bits version of Cookie isn't ready yet, but development quite fast. Most main system run, only the commandline interface and handling must be added, and some configurability must also be implemented. I sometimes write in the page below if Cook32 was available. If it isn't, I'm sorry, but I'm not good in keeping pages up to date :-) Cook32 also support W95's longfilenames and better configurationfile support.

The main differences between Cookie and Fortune program are:

The main differences between Cookie and Fortune fortune sources are:

  1. Cookie implements the categories in the sources. After the "%" separator an exclamation with the category code follows (like e.g. %!AA 123)
  2. Fortunes starting with a hashmark "#" are considered a comment, and never shown.
  3. Fortune sourcefiles can have both the Unix (lf) and Dos (crlf) end of line.
  4. Cookie has no support yet for the low-ascii (avatar terminal codes?) in original Fortune files. Can somebody explain to me what these do?
  5. No support yet for ROT13 (offensive) fortunes. A converter (ROT13'er) is however included in the util binary.
Problem (1) above (the categories) are tackled by a sed based shellscript included in the source archive. However if you do this you loose all category information. It is generally wiser to download the cookie program, split the archive according to size or category, and run the shellscript on the splitted sources.

Download hereFortune sources for cookie v1.05