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xsindex - Create a simple index file for a directory


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xsindex [-b] [-f] [-m mimefile] [-s] [-t mimetype] [-x pattern] title


xsindex’ is a program that will create a nice index page for a directory. What it does is make a listing of all files in the current directory (except for special files, like .’, .xsauth’, etc) and create a table-like overview of them. Included with every file is the type of that file and its size.

The program has a number of options:
-b If you activate this option, ..’ will not be listed in the index. This is useful if ..’ has no meaning in that directory.
-f This option disabled the Are you sure you want to overwrite?’ prompt.
-m mimefile
  This option allows you to specify a non-standard mime index file. This allows you to specify, for example, different icon images for file types.
-s Disable the display of file sizes.
-t mimetype
  This option allows you to specify how file types are displayed. The mimetype can be either 1 (default) show full mime types such as image/jpeg’, 2 show a descriptive text such as JPEG image’ (see the -m option) or 3 disable display of the file type.
-x pattern[-x pattern ...]
  Give a filename, or shell file-matching pattern, for the file(s) that should not be included in the listing. The -x option may be included multiple times to exclude multiple files and/or file patterns.

The title is used as the title of the document that will be created. Use a descriptive title!


  Global configuration file containing information about common file extensions and MIME information. Each record (line) in this file consists of 5 tab separated fields:
mime type
file extension
icon file (relative to HtmlDir)
short type name
full type name
index.html HTML file that will be automatically generated by xsindex(1). The contents of this file will be displayed whenever a client requests the directory path.


    $ xsindex -t 2"Directory of /pub/ftp"


.Ex -std xsindex



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May 28, 1996 XSINDEX (1) xs-httpd/3.5