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imagemap - The WWW image mapper


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imagemap’ is a program that lets you handle imagemaps on the web. An imagemap is basically a picture (for example a GIF file) that has been divided into areas. A user with a browser that understands imagemaps (most modern graphical browser do) can then click on a certain part of the image. An area-specific action then occurs.

For example, consider a GIF picture with two areas on it: a box on the left side and a circle on the right side. Then the user who created the pictures can define what will happen if the remote user clicks on the box, what will happen if the circle is pressed, and also what happens if the user clicks on the picture, but not on the box or the circle (the default).

imagemap(1) is not a program that allows the user to define the map. There are other programs that do this; for example, mapedit(1) is a good one. imagemap is the program that handles the actions for the webserver.

To make sure that the imagemap(1) program will have access to the mapfile in a user’s private webdirectory, it should be included in the PathInfoScripts option of the httpd.conf(5) configuration file, with its relative pathname /cgi-bin/imagemap/. This lets the script be executed with the privileges of the user whose directory is accessed.


What a user must do is create a map file (either by hand, which is not very easy, or by using a program like mapedit). Then, he or she must use something like the following in his/her webpage:

<A HREF="http://site/cgi-bin/imagemap/~username/pics/">
 <IMG SRC="pics/image.gif" ISMAP>

In other words, make a href anchor to the imagemapper and use an image as the contents of the anchor. Do not forgot to specify the ismap keyword in the img tag.


httpd(1), httpd_cgi(7)

The project homepage:


This program is derived from the NCSA httpd distribution, which can be found at It was cleaned up and converted for inclusing in the xs-httpd distribution in 1995.

March 26, 1996 IMAGEMAP (1) xs-httpd/3.5