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httpdc - Control program for the xs-httpd webserver


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httpdc [-d rootdir] [-p pidfile] [-v] [command]


httpdc’ is a program that lets you control the behaviour of the xs-httpd daemon. With this program, you can retrieve its status, terminate the webserver, restart it, etc.

Without any arguments, the program will start in interactive mode showing a prompt in which you can issue multiple commands. If a command is given on the command line, the program will execute that command and terminate immediately when it is finished.

The following control commands are available,
  Gives a list of command and their meanings.

  Display the webserver’s status. It checks whether the main daemon is running and if the process group is still active. It also displays the pid of the main process and the command that was used to start the webserver.

stop Shutdown the webserver. It will only stop the main daemon: that daemon will shut down its child processes before exiting.

kill Forcefully kills the webserver and all child processes. This should only be used if a normal stop command isn’t working or doesn’t respond fast enough.

  Shuts the webserver down, waits until it is completely dead and then restarts it using the command line arguments that were used last time it was started. If the daemon was not running, it will print a warning and start it anyway.

  This makes the webserver reload its global configuration files (httpd.conf, mime.types and compress.methods). Note that this will not redo the complete configuration; in particular this will not create or terminate any new sockets that have been added to or removed from the httpd.conf(5) - nor will it change the owner (uid/gid) of running processes. In general it is better to use restart to ensure that the complete new configuration has been activated.

  Quits the control program. You may also press CTRL-D (or any other key that means end of input’) to quit the program.


httpd(1), httpd.conf(5)

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May 29, 1996 HTTPDC (1) xs-httpd/3.5