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This is the verbatim text of the qdbttabcell.h include file.

#include <qpixmap.h>
#include <qstring.h>
#include <qlist.h>
#include <qpainter.h>
#include <qrect.h>

class QdbtLineEdit;

class QdbtTableCell
  friend class QdbtTable;
  enum BarType { NoBar, Bar };

    enum BorderType { LeftBorder = 0x0001, RightBorder = 0x0002,
		      TopBorder = 0x0004, BottomBorder = 0x0008 };

    QdbtTableCell(const char *text,const QPixmap *pixmap,
               const QColor &color=Qt::black,int align=Qt::AlignLeft,
               bool edit=FALSE);
    virtual ~QdbtTableCell();

    void setText(const char *text) 
        { if (text) txt = ((QString)text).stripWhiteSpace(); else txt=""; }
    const char *text() const { return txt; }

    void setPixmap(const QPixmap *pixmap) 
        { if (pixmap) pmap=*pixmap; else pmap=QPixmap(); } 
    const QPixmap &pixmap() const { return pmap; }

    void setColor(const QColor &color) { col = color; }
    const QColor &color() const { return col; }

    void setBackground(const QColor &color) { bg = color; }
    const QColor &background() const { return bg; }

    void setEditable(bool state) { editable = state; }
    bool isEditable() const { return editable; }

    void setSelectable(bool enable) { selectable = enable; }
    bool isSelectable() const { return selectable; }

    void setSelected(bool enable) { selected = enable; }
    bool isSelected() const { return selected; }

    void setAlignment(int alignment) { align = alignment; }
    int alignment() const { return align; }

    void setPixmapAlignment(int alignment) { pmapAlign = alignment; }
    int pixmapAlignment() const { return pmapAlign; }

    virtual int widthHint(const QFontMetrics &fm) const;
    virtual int heightHint(const QFontMetrics &fm) const;

    void setBorderMode(int borderStyle);

    virtual void paint(QPainter *p,int w,int h,
                       bool rowSelected,bool selectByRow,bool editing=FALSE,
                       int focusBar=NoBar);
    virtual QRect getTextArea() const;
    virtual QRect getEditArea(int width) const;

    QPixmap pmap;
    QString txt;
    QColor  col;
    QColor  bg;
    QRect   tr;
    int     align;
    bool    editable;
    bool    selectable;
    bool    selected;
    int     pmapAlign;
    int     borderStyle;

typedef QList<QdbtTableCell> CellList;


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