Hello.. I'm here.

If you think you're near where you were trying to get to you may be looking for the CURVE page, otherwise you might want to wade through my personal linkbox.

Since you probably have no idea what I'm like and you haven't skipped ahead to the links yet, it may be good to know that this web page is powered by sarcasm. Sorry, no fancy logos to stick on your own web page. Except maybe the cute bat with the mammoth-sized fangs, which comes in with the source to xlockmore(1).

Main obsessions..

I like music... a lot.. fair amount of cds.. well enough to keep me busy.. Here's a short listing of a few. In all obsessiveness I even spend time updating a web page for my favourite (although it's a known fact I change my mind about this) band: Curve
Mainly a hobby but they're a fun tool and you can make them into everything you want to (yes yes within range) with all the excellent stuff around people write.. In case you're interested feel free to check out my shopping list.

All in all it's quite promising to see how good (and cosey and comfy) you can make a free system look these days!

Mind the 20 Megaton bomb on your way out: ``All human inventions have been used..'' and that's the truth ... according to Mr. Hartley.
I've come to depend on Plaza Futura to see most worthwhile films here. Have a look at what's playing now
A certain someone
obsession, repression, depression.. Do you know the answer? No? Keep it that way! Try it.

Target practice..

After getting rid of the flakey indy-cam picture, I have found yet another way of getting around actually having to scan a picture. Can you guess? Still no decent picture, but hey.. everyone needs an everlasting challenge!

The to be renamed One

Yes, again it's really time to change the name. This time I won't go for a real word though. Just to get around the bounded number of associations, I'd better pick a non-existant word. I already have a great xey-gestion, but you can hardly type that quickly.
All these ``colourful'' names have to -kind of- covers up the bland reality of all those ugly gray cases, stowed away under a desk. Oh well, maybe one day I'll find a company (Frog design?) which will let you buy a proper case without the computer of their customer.

The Box

Because all music indexes have gotten way out of hand, I keep my own at home. I should really include all the indexes I've used to come up with all these, but until then this note will have to remind me. Because of the number of links The Box is on a seperate page. This way lynx users, like me, don't have to wade through all of them looking for interesting things, unlike my spell of recyclable links. This is a poor extract, and at one point they should be added to the cd section. Here are some others. Important but unindexed.

PIAS, a dutch/belgian record label and distributor finally picked up on the webzine again - in dutch! -

The only dutch radio program to play EBM, Electro, Gothic, Ambient, Avant-Garde, Techno (or IDM) and other great and sometimes not so great music without concern for playlists. Unfortunately the ghastly soft cell seems to be part of the treatment, but noone has ever died of hearing them. Besides Autechre and :wumpscut: are among other favourites.

EAR Rational's latest additions.

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