Download ToDo 2.0 for Linux/BSD

todo(1)                                                   todo(1)

       todo  - A simple tool to manage your list of things To Do.

       todo [-b [01]] [-c [01]] [-f ] [-n [01]] [option]

       Todo is a simple tool to manage your ToDo  list.  You  can
       add, list and delete items from a list, which is stored in
       a text  file,  which  defaults  to  $HOME/.todo.   Without
       option,  the user is presented with an interactive ncurses
       interface, in which items can be moved around and  deleted
       with these keybindings:

       d    Delete highlighted item (delete key might also work)

       j    Move scrollbar down (arrow down might also work)

       k    Move scrollbar up   (arrow up might also work)

       q    Quit program without saving changes.

       w    Write out new todo list and quit program.

            (De)select highlighted item

            Move  selected  items  under  highlighted item in the
            order they were selected

            Scroll several items up

            Scroll several items down

              Appends an item to the list.

       -b [01]
              0=no beep after list (default), 1=beep.

       -c [01]
              1=fancy colours in list, 0=colourless.

              Deletes items from the list.  is a comma-sep-
              arated list of ranges.  Each range in turn consists
              of either a single number, or a range, specified by
              a   single  dash  between  two  numbers.  E.g.  '-d
              3,5,7-10' deletes item 3,5,7,8,9 and  10  from  the

              Same as -d, for historical reasons.

              Specify an alternate todo file

       -h     Displays help about todo.

       -l     List items in the todo list.

       -L     Same as -l, for historical reasons.

       -n [01]
              1=Numbers prefixed in list (default), 0=no numbers.

       -v     Displays the version of todo.

       If you find bugs,  please  send  a  report  to  bram@avon-

       todo  was  conceived, directed and performed by Bram Avon-

       Please send comments, suggestions, complaints, bug  fixes,
       coffee  and  porting experiences to me, including the ver-
       sion number of todo in your mail.

Download ToDo 2.0 for Linux/BSD