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Welcome on my homepage. Check the mp3blaster link above for info about that. This page contains some info about me and links.


Linux Resources


Newest Linux Applications appear here first!


Hot Computer-related news with online discussion forum

Comp.os.linux.announce Newsgroup

Here you will find lots of announcements


New Linux kernel releases will be published here.

Alan Cox' Diary

Alan Cox hacks kernels. He likes to write about this. If you want to know how hackers live, be sure to read his wife's diary too!

Click on the thumbnail (ahum) to see what a really cool Linux/X desktop looks like!

AnyBrowser Campaign Site

Linux Apps&Utils
AnyBrowser Campaign
Linux Apps&Utils

RC5 Site

Enter Linux site
RC5-Encryption site
Linux Site

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Try the Haagse Harrie Dutch-to-Haags translator!

If you like playing MUDS, you might try OuterSpace, A Science-Fiction based MUD located in the Netherlands.
OuterSpace Homepage

My very own "Picasso"
My very own "PICASSO"

And here are some links to some friends:
Wynke Stulemeijer Johan van Selst
Oskar Mattsson David Roche
Martijn van Bühl Ralf Berkvens

You consider yourself a friend of mine and you're NOT listed here????? I'm sorry, I forgot. Lack of coffee. It's monday morning. De brug stond open. Mental breakdown. Smoking is bad for your health. Mail me!




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