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***     TRANSFORMERS, MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE                              ***
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Version 1.2

Last update 16/10/1995

(c) 1995 by Boris Ammerlaan

Maintained by:  Boris Ammerlaan

Remarks :

1.0     I hope to include other lists in the future, such as an 'other roles'
        list or something like that. I'd like to include other people's lists
        as well.
1.1     I can now also be contacted at either
        karr@il.ft.hse.nl       or      mb330@hi.ft.hse.nl
        Look at http://charm.il.ft.hse.nl/~karr/TRANSFOR.html for primer??.zip
        and other files.
        If you keep a file/list that you'd like to see included here, please
        contact me.

The files included here so far :

BITS     3       11225  Version 1.0     Listings & transcripts of "extra bits"
                                        in the third series.
COMICS   USA     36963  Version 1.2     A listing of all U.S.A. Marvel comics
                                        featuring the Transformers.
GUIDE    12      26716  Version 1.1     An episode guide to the first two
GUIDE    M34     15378  Version 1.2     An episode guide to the movie and the
                                        third & fourth series.
LIST     12       4005  Version 1.1     An episode list of the guide above.
LIST     G-2      4917  Version 1.1     An episode list of Transformers:
                                        Generation 2.
LIST     JAP      3796  Version 1.0     An episode list of the Japanese
                                        episodes of Transformers.
LIST     M34      2053  Version 1.0     An episode list of the guide above.
LISTS    ACK      1862  Version 1.1     Acknowledgements for people who have
                                        helped me in the past.
README   1ST      2334  Version 1.2     This file.
SCRIPTS  EPS      1519  Version 1.2     Information about transcripts.