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New releases (update) - April 22nd, 2005

Both "A Touch Of Fate" and "All Tied Up" will be released on May 17th.

New releases - March 22nd, 2005

New York - Following on the heels of the most talked about network television show of the season, "Desperate Housewives," Vintage Home Entertainment proudly announces the DVD release of, Teri Hatcher's TV feature film, "A Touch Of Fate." This, soon to be aired, made for TV movie will represent, Golden Globe winner, Teri Hatcher's first network appearance since the overwhelming success of "Desperate Housewives."

"A Touch Of Fate" is scheduled for DVD release on August 9, 2005 through Sony's, RED Distribution in conjunction with Vintage Home Entertainment.

"A Touch of Fate" features (Teri Hatcher) playing Megan Margulis a woman who has come to a crossroads in her life. She quits her New York real estate job and returns to a small town in North Carolina where she attempts to try and rekindle a romance with her long-distance fiancé Craig played by (Daniel Green). (Robert Treveiler) plays entertainment lawyer Roy Kline who is returning to the childhood home he resents at the request of his dying mother, and (Gil Johnson) as Kenny McGriff who is drunkenly celebrating his good fortune after hitting the lottery. As fate would have it there are a series of coinciding events that brings these perfect strangers together during one of the most trying periods of their lives. In there journey of discovery, their pasts and futures are forged together through forgiveness and understanding but mostly through love.

New York - Additionally, in conjunction with the DVD release of, "A Touch Of Fate" Vintage Home Entertainment will be releasing for the first time on DVD, "All Tied Up" this previously aired made for TV movie also stars (Teri Hatcher) a modern woman caught up in a romance going nowhere and (Zack Gilligan) as her perpetual bachelor boyfriend, in an amusing romantic comedy.

Trailers are now available for viewing at the Vintage Home Entertainment Website. http://www.vintagehome.biz

Company: VHE, Inc.
Country: United States
Contact: Anthony MacFarland
Website: http://www.vintagehome.biz
Bus E-Mail: amacfarland@vintagehome.biz
Phone: 718.369.8942 x211

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