Woman's Day
As HANDSOME bridegroom Kevin Lyon waited nervously at the altar, his
first lover walked down the aisle toward him.  Sultry Superman start
Teri Hatcher looked stunning in a floor-length pink dress with flowers
in her hair. But even more beautiful was his blushing bride, Karli
Walker - Teri's best friend!
	Hunky Kevin had dated Teri for five years. He'd brought her a
"promise ring", and they had even planned to marry. But they split up 
and Kevin married Teri's best friend Karli. And, incredibly, the 
superstar actress was a bridesmaid at their wedding.
	Kevin reveals that he and Teri - who were both virgins when 
they met - had made plans to tie the knot when her trip to Hollywood 
shattered his dreams.
	"Teri is just like you see on the screen - she has a heart of 
gold," says Kevin, 31. "She's fun-loving, kind-hearted, and so caring 
and generous.
	"She was an incredible kisser, a wonderful lover, and she has 
that voluptuous body. We had some truly incredible times together."
	"We were talking about getting married, but when she moved to 
Los Angeles to become an actress I realised that our days were 
	Kevin first fell for Teri in 1981 at high school in Sunnyvale, 
California, when they were both turning 17. She was the beautiful 
captain of the school dance team. He was the captain of the football 
	"I had known Teri for a few years, and she has blossomed into 
this sexy girl with a great figure," says Kevin, a computer company 
executive. "I would see her in trigonometry classes and at school 
football games when she'd lead 70 girls in elaborate dance routines at 
half time."
	"she was the most stunning girl in the school and had just 
spent the summer in New York modelling, I was really knocked out by 
	"While Teri and I were working on the homecoming parade 
together, I got to know her much better. And I found she was very 
bright and funny."
	"She was nominated as a contestant for the Homecoming Queen and 
she didn't win. Can you believe that? But she took it very well - she 
laughed it off.
	" I learned from friends that Teri was not going out with 
anyone, so I decided to invite her to the dance. Although I was shy, I 
walked up to her, when she was surrounded by friends, and asked her. 
She said 'Yes', and I was ecstatic."
	To their friends and families they were the perfect 
all-American couple. Tall, good-looking Kevin was named  "most valuable 
player". Teri was the most glamorous girl in the dance squad.
	" That night we went with three other couples to dinner and 
then to the dance. We had a great time dancing non-stop. Teri looked 
unbelievable, and many of the guys were green with envy."
	"Later that night I dropped her off and walked her to her door. 
I was very nervous when I bent to kiss her, but it was terrific. I 
really felt sparks fly."
	"We began seeing each other regularly, either in school or on 
dates on the weekends. We were soon head over heels about each other."
	" I was a typical high school jock. I was in training all the 
time so I was full hormones, especially since I was a virgin. I soon 
discovered she was too."
	" But the first three months together we would just kiss - 
nothing more. Then her parents went away for the weekend and we spent 
the night in their bed. I'd seen her in a bikini before, but now I 
could see her body. Her breasts were spectacular."
	"But we didn't make love that night. We felt we had not known 
each other long enough. We were just teenagers, after all. She was a 
real lady, so I always acted like a gentleman."
	" She put on lingerie and I kept on my underwear. Then we spent 
hours kissing, talking and hugging until finally falling asleep."
	"Soon after that, Teri told me for the first time that she 
loved me. I was taken aback because I wasn't sure whether I knew what 
love was. But a few days later I realised I loved her too, and told her 
	During the next five months, Kevin and Teri slept together 
innocently whenever the chance arose. Then finally it happened.
	"One night I went over to stay with her while her parents were 
away and she cooked me an excellent Italian meal. Then after watching 
TV, we went to bed as usual, with me in my pants and Teri in her 
	"We started kissing and touching. We said we loved each other, 
and it was very tender and intimate. One thing led to another and we 
ended up making love, then slept in each others arms. I thought the 
first time was wonderful."
	Teri told American DJ Howard Stern this year that she wished 
her losing her virginity had been "more incredible". But Kevin insists: 
"I'm sure Teri meant that she wished it had been more romantic, with 
candles and soft music."
	After that, they made love whenever possible. "Teri was 
passionate," Kevin says, "and always very giving."
	The couple were so deeply in love by the end of the year that 
they made a pact to go to a local college for three years while still 
living at home.
	Kevin says: "We didn't move in together because we were brought 
up to believe it wasn't right. But we did talk about getting married. 
We decided that after finishing college we would both go on to 
university , were she would study maths and mechanical engineering.
	"On Valentines Day I gave her the promise ring. It's the 
closest thing to an engagement with  out being engaged. Basically, we 
said to each other that if things continued the way they were, then we 
would get married after university. But Teri never went with me to uni.
	"She was always a very talented person and often told me she 
wanted to be an actress. One day, friend took her to an open casting 
call for The Love Boat TV series and she got a regular bit part.
	"She called me to tell me she had to move to Los Angeles in two 
weeks. I was very hurt. But would never have stood in the way of Teri 
fulfilling her dreams."
	They flew up and down the coast regularly to see each other, 
and spent a fortune on phone calls. "But deep down I realised I was 
losing her. We were both such busy people. I was working hard at 
college and her career was taking off."
	"Then one day Teri said: 'I think we should start seeing other 
people'. Although I had to agree I was bitterly disappointed."
	"We continued dating on and off, then, 18 months after she 
moved to Hollywood, she called to say she'd met and actor she really 
liked and wanted to go out with him full-time."
	"I was upset, but I had started seeing someone else as well, so 
it was an amicable parting. I knew she would become a big star."
	"There will always be a soft spot in my heart for Teri."
	Every week Kevin watches Lois & Clark "unless there's a big 
football game on the other channel".
	And his wife Karli doesn't even get jealous, because she's been 
Teri's bets friend since they met in college a decade ago. Teri 
introduced Kevin and Karli. They remained close during the six years 
after he split with Teri - until one day he realised he's fallen for 
	Karli, 31, a personnel executive, says: "I didn't want anything 
to ruin my friendship with Teri. So I called her and asked if she'd be 
upset with me going out with her old boyfriend. She said, 'Not in the 
least'. Teri and I are still best friends."
	Kevin and Karli married in 1992 and Teri was the maid of 
honour. Then last year Teri married actor Jon Tenney, and this time 
Karli was the bridesmaid at the New York ceremony.
	"Jon is a great guy and she's very lucky to have him," says 
Karli. "But she made a big mistake letting Kevin go. I'm the one who 
really married Superman."
Tanscribed by Michael Batych (bratych@swanreach.com.au)