News Weekly (story by Emma Clydsdale)

Lois and Clark star Teri Hatcher has dumped her husband, Jon Tenney,
claiming he's cheating on her. But friends say there is no
room in her life for struggling actor Jon, now that superman
has made her a superstar.

 Once known as one of Hollywood's happiest couples, Teri and Jon
have grown steadily apart since the show began and friends have 
revealed that Teri, 30, has refused to make love with her husband
since October last year.

 Despite attempts to rescue the relationship - including regular
Thursday morning counselling sessions - Teri has confessed that 
she can no longer stand living with Jon in the modest single storey 
Los Angeles home they have shared for the last three years.
So Teri has given up the counselling, claiming there is no hope of 
saving her marriage. now she is looking for a "bachelorette pad" 
in the exclusive suburb of San Marino in Pasadena.

 Only last week Jon was spotted driving away from home alone in his
black spoprts car and minutes later Teri and her personal assistant
Emma Tillinger left the house and drove to San Marino to inspect 
houses listed through a local real estate agent.
 Teri was shown through a number of houses, worth about three-quarters
 of a million dollars each, but returned home udecided later 
that afternoon.

 Jon's friends have defended him, one close source saying:
  "Teri is just so obsessed with her looks and her career, 
  she has no room in her life for Jon anymore. She may say 
  he is cheating on her, but in my opinion, she is just 
  covering up her own guilty conscience because she is 
  leaving him."

Rumours that their marriage was in trouble have been circulating
for months now. Jon and Teri have been fighting on the set of
Lois & Clark over Teri's sewxy dress sense and her love-hate
relationship with her hunky co-star Dean Cain.
 As Teri got more famous, Jon got more jealous.

"Teri and Jon are caught in the age-old celebrity marriage trap,"
says the source. "She has a whole set of demands on her time. 
 She is constantly doing interviews, photo shoots, goodwill 
publicity jobs, network meetings - it just never ends.
 Meanwhile, Jon sits at home waiting for his agent to call. 
While Teri flies sky-high with Superman, Jon can only think 
about his failures, like Beverley Hills Cop 3 and a failed 
tv series called Equal Justice. Now Teri and Jon will go to
 dinner together and he will be called `Mr Teri Hatcher'. "

When Teri met Jon, she wouldn't go out with him because
he was an actor. She'd had a seven-year relationship with
MacGyver star Richard Dean Anderson, but broke up because
she couldn't take his constant philandering.
 " I met Jon a couple of years later and I think he had to
 take the brunt of that... It was a case of 'If you don't like
 me and you don't want to be with me, tell me and we'll part. 
 It will hurt for a while but betrayal will be worse.'"

 They married in May 1994, after Jon fell in love with her 
when he watched her walk across a room at a dinner party.
 Their relationship sizzled at the start. Teri even confessed
she liked to make love in the kitchen with Jon. He bought her
 a new fridge and she says, "I was so excited...we turned out
 all the lights in the kitchen apart from the fridge light. 
 Then, er, one thing led to another. Since then we've carried
 on the tradition of giving each other kitchen appliances."

 But now the only new thing Teri needs is a new broom. And Jon's
friend predicts that Hollywood's single stars will be rubbing 
their hands in glee after hearing the news that Teri is on the market.

Page 1:
Main photo: Teri standing amongst a large number of 12" superman dolls.
(and her legs look great!)
Inset photo: Teri and Jon together at a formal evening function.

Page 2:
1. Frontal view of the modest marital home (low-set, grey walls)
2. Jon in sports car leaving alone.
3. Teri (dressed casually) leaving with personal assistant.
4. Teri with Real Eatate Agent, checking out houses.
5,6,7. Three palacial houses inspected and their price tags.
($725,000; $855,000; $660,000)

Transcribed by Cameron J. Todd (