Teri:......( think she said something about losing her voice)... and we had  
   shut down production and on the way home from the doctor I stopped at 
   bookstore, this was the day it came out, and got one of the first copies
   and I was walking back to my car and of course I'm going through (the  
   book, asking herself) "Did he put me in, did he put me in?" 

**Everyone laughs

Howard: yeah right, that's good. Of course I put you in, because all I do is 
   sit at my computer write and half the time I've just finished watching
   Superman and ya know...doing stuff to my self.

Teri: I want your e-mail address, you know I'm quite an internet buff myself.

Howard: oh are you? oh I'll write it down for you. YOu would e-mail me?

Teri: Absolutely! We could start a whole thing (laughing)
Howard: Oh God! ( backround laughter) I would LOVE that!

Robin: Then that would be e-mail you could REALLY talk about.

Teri: It'll be just a secret.

Howard: and like maybe we'll fall in love through the mail

Teri: It might happen.

Howard: oh no, but you're married and stuff right?

Teri: oh ya but so are you...
Howard: yeah, so that's not cheating.

Teri: (laughs) not cheating at all. as it says in your book.

Howard: you know what...now this will kill me cause I'll spend half my day 
   trying to be witty in my e-mail...it'll make me nuts...Your like every
   girl I've ever wanted in my life and couldn't get ..I mean..that's you
   I know D Snyder say's I shouldn't kiss everyones ass and I should try 
   and treat women like I don't care...

Robin: you should be cool...

Howard: but I can't be cool..I gotta be honest ...I just can't be cool..it 
   just never happened for me that I would have ya know...my wife's very 
   beautiful..don't get me wrong, (aside) I had to throw that in

Robin: yes...you have to go home

**Teri laughs 

Howard: I mean to have someone like you would be just unbelieveable. I can't 
   believe it ..I..I ...you know what...You know what'll be weird? I'll 
   finally have cyber sex with Teri and it'll probably be her husband
   on there with me.
**Loud laughter

Teri: or he might be sitting there watching..

Howard: did you watch the tonight show last night?

Teri: I didn't see it, we were working late, but I heard it was quite controver-

Howard: you should really get a tape of that. It was pretty wierd. It really was 
   something else. 

Teri: not surprising at all...

Howard: first of all...my favorite episode of Superman, as you can guess, is 
   when you go undercover and you have have to be a rock stars groupie.

Teri: (laughing) yes..

Howard: and you have to get into that little leather dress and stuff. See..I'm
   looking at your short haircut now and I'm thinking it's cute...

Robin: I always thought it was a good cut for her.

Teri: it's a good cut..

Howard: I really liked you with long hair though

Teri: You have really been picking on me about this hair.......

Howard: I know ...I don't WANT you with short hair...

Teri: I can't believe YOU would do that... of all people

Howard: I know..I can't either..It's not like I'm not being faithful but you know
   what I mean? seriously, weren't we talking about this the other day?

Robin: YES

Howard: don't you think Teri's hair long is the thing that works for us?

Robin: no..I like it this way..

Teri: thank you Robin.

Howard:  oh..you DO like it..well it's a girl talking..

Teri: lots of guys like it...DEAN likes it..

Howard: you know I kinda like it sitting here and everything..now it looks great
   but I don't know..when you got that long hair going and everything, 
   and then you kinda wear the same dress everyday you know..on Superman 
   it's like the same CUT of dress, but I like that cause it's a super short
   mini skirt that shows off your legs.

Teri: Well some of them are....yeah..

Howard: and you wear really good shoes..

Teri: good shoes which you hardly ever see... really sometimes I wear great 

Howard: yeah..but I can tell, yeah..but your legs look really great.

Teri: thank you

Howard: and then you always show some cleavage and some breasts for the fans

Teri: just enough...

Howard: but one of the biggest disappointments...I said this yesterday, was 
   the episode where you get super powers that costume...

Teri: I heard you say that...you know that was out highest rated show EVER.

Howard:  yeah..because you were supergirl I mean...you became a Super woman

Teri:  and I sorta thought that pink X-ray vision was cool..you didn't like 

Robin: no..it wasn't that vision..it was that costume..

Teri: it was the belt frankly...it was the belt

Robin:  the rolled shoulders...I didn't like that whole thing.

Teri: oh all right...

Howard: you know what I'm afraid to admit?

Teri: what?

Howard: but I have to tell you ....my favorite move of yours

Teri: oh no!

Howard: is that one where you're nude....

Teri: uh huh..

Howard: the umm... what is that called...The Cool Surface

Teri: ohhh fine..just drag it out of the barrel

Howard: oh big deal...listen ..listen to me.  I have that movie

Teri: uh huh....I've thought about you having that movie...

Howard: oh I LOVE that movie..there..there you go..at least you've thought abuot

Teri: I was pretty sure you had that movie...

Howard: I definately have that movie..

Teri: I've thought about you watching that movie...

Howard: I told everyone to go out ( and see it) first of all..I thought it was 
   a good performance.

Teri: do you really?

Howard: I didn't think it was a BAD movie..

Teri: I did this sort of series of B-movies...it's certainly not in my..

Howard:  but it's a cool movie... because you play this woman who lives next 
    door to this guy and like I think it was like your boyfriend was
    torturing you or something..and then you fall in love with that screen-
    writer. and EVERY scene you're like naked 

Teri: NO...not EVERY scene I'm naked that's not true

Howard: were you uptight when you had to get naked?

Teri: (laughs..)

**Howard is playing a clip from the movie in his studio we hear what 
sounds like a sex scene in the backround.

Howard: here's a clip from the movie...this is Teri

Teri: (laughing) oh no...Oh god..Oh my god

Howard: I love that!

Howard: what are you wearing...a little pants outfit?

Teri: right now?

Howard: yeah..what is that?

Teri: yeah..it's a pants outfit..

Howard: and what is that top?..it's a cute top, what is that?

Teri: just a little black top..

Howard: it's a black top..but it's like a lycra thing Robin..

Robin: it's lycra..it's spandex

Howard: it clings

Teri: it's some spandex combination...

Howard: and there is a bra...I can tell that...

Teri: yeah..there's a little bra

Howard: I don't need X-ray vision to see that..

Robin: HE has X-Ray vision..

Howard: yeah..I have X-ray vision...I'm undressing you.. I'm really soaking 
   this in...so like in school did guys always hit on you? Weren't you like
   a cheerleader or something..a professional cheerleader.

Teri: for a year or so..yeah actually I was. I was a cheerleader for the 49ers.

Howard: and you like know all those cheers and stuff...

Teri: well..we didn't really cheer..rah rah sorta cheer... we more did dance
   numbers on the sidelines. it was pretty cool cause I got to get my parents
   tickets to the Superbowl

Howard: and would all the football guys like hit on you.. the whole time

Teri: no...at that time we had this rule in our contract where you weren't 
   allowed to fraternize with the players..

Howard: what team was that...Dallas?

Robin: no the 49ers...where are you? she's talking..she SAID that..

Howard: I'm busy looking at her chest..I'm sorry..I'm being a guy..I can't 
   handle it..I mean you know..I'm looking you over..what can I say?

**laugher from Teri

Robin: so you were a cheerleader..you want to ask that question again?

Howard:...where were you a cheerleader again?

Teri: (lustily)..the 49ers...

Howard: Oh really... so you're a young girl growing up where?

Teri: in Northern California..

Howard: in nothern California..and you're like really hot

Teri: no actually..I was sorta one of those..wall flower/late bloomers..

Howard: yeah..sure..yeah yeah..right..

Teri: It's TRUE...no one would dance with me..that whole...it's TRUE

Howard: so then..you're growing up.. do you come from a divorced home?

Teri: no my parents are still together..

Howard: oh too bad..you probably have a good self..healthy self image..

Teri: ah...well..

Robin: she's married..you never read about her in the tabloids..

Teri: yea..it's really..I have this totally boring hermit sort of life..
   that's why you never read about me..

Howard: really?..oh I'd love a life with you like that...I have that life too..

Teri: I just stayed home..I never go out..
Howard: I'd just stay home and have sex with you all day

Teri: wel..that would be great..

Howard: you would like that?

Teri: I would like that..

Howard:..so..so..ok..so you were growing up..and then you get your first boyfriend
   when..how old were you?

Teri: I was 16 I guess

Howard: were you fully developed at 16? or were you a late bloomer?

Teri: 16 was um...fully developed

Howard: because you have an incredible chest..and as far as I can tell from
   studying Cool Runnings they seem totally natural...You're not an 

Teri: No. they're totally natural.

Howard: so at 16 you're fully developed? With THOSE?

Teri: yes

Howard: Oh my god, Oh my God...I can't believe it.. and you're walking around this
   high school ...

Teri: just walking around..

Howard: with Those...

Teri: with These...
Howard:  are your teaches like hitting on you?

Teri: no...no

Howard: no problems like that?

Teri: no

Howard: no molestation...nothing like that?

Teri: well no

Howard: nothing??

Teri: no

Howard: so if you were.. then you'd be really screwed up right now..

Robin: Yeah..and would be an easy target for you (Howard)

Howard: and then you what? fall in love with the High School football guy?

Teri: one of my boyfriends was a football player.

Howard: No kidding? and that's your natural nose and everything??

Teri: yeah

Howard: WOW! and you're just born like that? you don't have to do anything

Teri: yeah but you know..... I have to thank my parents..I mean I had nothing
   to do with it.

Howard: let me thank your parents FOR you.. and you don't even have to diet or 
   anything..I mean you're naturally thin?   You're probably one of those 
   people that has to eat...I mean you forget to eat..

Teri: well I do get really busy...in fact..yeah I do get really busy and 
   forget to eat

Howard: yeah..Robin and I have that problem
Robin: yeah..you can tell

Howard: why is that that when Robin and I get really busy..we EAT..yeah..
  I don't get it

Teri: But I love food..but I..you know when we're doing the show it's really
   hectic and I try to eat right.

Howard: so you never like vomit or anything like that.. put your finger down 
   your throat..

Teri: Oh god no..oh no..you know I'm lucky that way because I just can't 
 throw up I mean I don't have any gag reflex

Howard: yeah..you're not an anorexic...you're just thin...you're just natually 
   thin. You're blessed

Teri: I guess

Howard: what a life!

Robin: was that an opening? She dosen't have a GAG reflex?

Teri: I think it was..and he totally missed it but thank for comming in...

**hysterical laughter

Howard: I'm missing a lot today....is that really true? you don't have a gag

Teri: no..

Howard: so you could put..if I was to give you a hot dog..

Teri: (laughing) NOW he's with me.. he came in..there he is..a couple of seconds

Howard: So if I was to give you a hot dog could you ACTUALLY swallow the whole 
   hot dog? is that what you're saying?

Teri: we could talk about it on the internet...

Howard: Your an amazing....OH...oh good...and lets make our messages private..ok?

Howard: no matter what...

Teri: oh ...no body has my address..you are the only person I gave it to..

Howard: fine..fine.. now.. cause I'm going to write you a lot of dirty stuff..

Teri: great! 

Howard: alright.. but don't show it to your husband alright..give me a break

Teri: no..I won't, absolutely not...

Howard: I'm going to send you dirty pictures too...

Teri: oh..umm.I don't know..

Howard: I got a picture of a woman with no legs and no arms..


Howard: you don't think so?

Robin: NO!

Howard: you mean girls don't like that stuff??

Robin: no Howard!

Howard: oh ok...

Teri: I like the words...I'm not so visual..

Howard: alright..alright..I'll write stuff...

Teri: ok..

Howard: Hey this is cool..I'm having this nice little celebrity e-mail thing 
   going....people don't want to stay with me in person..but they e-mail 
   me...I like that....but If I write you something..you're not going to
   go tell Superman that I wrote you something....

Teri: no..no...

Howard: so you're growing up..and you're dating some guy in high school...
   and then you lose your virginity..which must have been incredible..

Robin: WAS in incredible for you?

Teri: actually...you know..really...NO..it wasn't...I WISH it had been more 
   incredible...but I think I'm speaking for most women...that sometimes..
   it wasn't so great..

Robin: the GUY was having an incredible time..

Howard: where'd it happen...in a car?

Teri: no...I'm not going to tell you where it happened...

Howard: in a mens room??

Robin: IN A MENS ROOM?? ( to howard) you're terrible..

Howard:  am I right?? that's a yes...am I right..

Teri: NO it didn't happen in a MENS ROOM...

Howard: bent you over a sink like what happned to Robin...

Robin: OH STOP IT..

Howard: that's right.. that's exactly what it was..
   So it happened somewhere in you're parents house...

Teri: Um Hmm..

Howard: ok.. but in HS?

Teri: they don't know this..oh god..

Howard: oh please...that's where I lost my virginity..first time I ever played
   with myself was in my parents bed...I consider that losing my virginity.
   so wait a second...so you're growing up...fully developed.. and some 
   guy gets to see you naked for the first time.... and his head must have
   just exploded....the guy could have lasted like one second...I 
   wouldn't last one second with you..

Teri: oh...you would..

Howard: is it always over fast for you?

Teri: umm...No

Howard: Really? you mean you're husbands able to hold out...

Teri: ah yeah..

Howard: really...

Teri: yeah..

Robin: she has a very good looking husband..he's an actor too..

Howard: oh yeah? what does he do?

Teri: he's an actor

Howard: he's a loser..I've never seen him

Robin: you saw the new Lassie movie...he was the Dad in Lassie..

Howard: awwweee....THAT guy?  He's not that good.. that guy you married..

Teri: yes..

Howard: oh you could have married a much better guy than that..

Teri: oh stop...be nice..

Howard: you know..in my highschool play..I played Lassie..so I can relate to 
   your husband..I should e-mail him...I'm one of those rare individuals

Robin: you could have been HIS dog..

Howard: yeah..I have the nose for it..I have a cold, long nose just like Lassie
   so you're saying... ah..I can't believe I'm so close to you... if you
   feel a desire to kiss me..just go ahead and do it...

Teri: reach out and touch..

Howard: so..are you turned off to men now? cause guys are always comming on to you

Teri: no...no..I love men..

Howard: never got into a lesbian thing?

Teri: NO

Howard: never tried it?

Teri: no

Howard: but you secretly want to..in a way you WOULD try it..

Teri: no I WOULDN'T try it..

Howard: you wouldn't? even if your husband said "hey for my 40th birthday..

Teri: no..he wouldn't do that..and I wouldn't try it....

Howard: he would do that..but he knows you woudln't go for it..

Teri: well no..no I don't think he WOULD do that..I mean..he would do it if 
   he thought I would be into it....but I don't think he'd do it for

Howard: alright..so wait a second..how do you meet this husband of yours? 
   like why do you get married? I don't understand..what's going on?
   Did you date a lot of guys before you got married?

Teri: umm..yeah..I guess...  I was 29 when I got married..

Howard: alot of celebrities?

Teri: no..not a lot of celebrities...

Howard: and who is this guy...I mean..he's an actor and he just gets to marry you?
Robin: he just gets to marry her!

Teri: and he's an actor and he won the lottery...that's what happened..

Howard: and how long does it take before he can even sleep with you?
   does he have to wait months?

Teri: a couple of months...

Howard: really? not like the first date?

Teri: no..not like the first date..

Howard: I nailed my wife on the second date..

Teri: i was trying to be more prim...I was in one of my prim and proper stages..
Howard: is it really hard to get to bed with you? Like would you never go to bed
   with a guy on the first date?

Teri: sometimes it hasn't been so hard..and sometimes it's been hard

Howard: really? so you've actually hopped into the sack with a guy after one date.

Teri: ohh... a few times..

Howard: really? you're something..

Teri: there has to be some sort of dirty past...I can't be..

Howard: wanna play my wife in my movie?

Teri: sure..

Howard: yeah..good..you may have to read for it a little later in my room..

Teri: no, I don't think so..

Howard: you don't think so?

Teri: I mean I'll go to your room..but I won't read..

Howard: really..ok..I really don't want you to read...

Robin: that's ok with HIM...

Howard: I can't believe it..unbelievable..

Robin: he thought you needed a cover ( to Teri)

Howard: so..and when you're on superman.. you feel anything toward Dean? the guy
   that plays Superman? 

Teri: I think he sorta said this yesterday.. umm..we both..you know we work 
   together SOO many hours that it just uh becomes platonic...

Howard: and you don't get aroused?  Would you have gone out with him if he had

Teri: No...I don't think so...

Teri: you know..the chemistry just sorta comes and goes..I have the exact 
   same answer that he does..

Howard: and you never get sexually juiced up when your on the set with him..
Teri: Not really...

Howard: when you're on the bed?

Teri: sometimes we have this..most of the time we have this sexual inuendo
   joking type of chemistry that goes on in bewtween on the set with the

Howard: and how do you become an actress cause there's tons of women who want
   to be actresses...I mean..how do you do that? did you have a father or
   something that was in the buisiness?

Teri: no..absolutely not..I was a math major in college and there was this 
   nationwide search for this dancing part on the Love Boat and I went on 
   it with a friend..

Howard: as a goof..

Teri: as a goof...and I ended up getting it. and so..I just thought I'd follow
   that opportunity for a second and then go back to school and then I 
   ended up...

Howard: and you never took an acting lesson or anything?

Teri: umm..I had taken..studied at a summer training course up at ACT in 
   San Francisco..which is a good...Annette Benning was actually my acting

Howard: and how hard is it to Act? Like all you have to do is get up and 
   memorize the lines or something?

Teri: ahh.. ahh.. I dn't think it's just about memorizing lines.. no..I 
   think it's about being honest...and trying to follow your instincts.
   which you seem to be very good at...

Howard: Yeah..I'm going to do that..that's what I'm going to do with my movie
  I'm going to be honest and follow my instincts...is that all I have to do??
  Why is everyone making such a big deal out? so.. and then you just fall 
  into acting.. and you start getting into all these movies..like I saw 
  the movie you did with Dice..I saw that one.. they play that all the time
  on HBO..

Teri: that was more recent..the first movies I did were The Big Picture and 
   Soap Dish..and Tango and Cash..

Howard: and Brainsmasher...I really believe Teri Hatcher was in love with Dice..
Teri: he was actually really nice...we had a good time

Howard: yeah..Dice is a good guy..a nice guy..

Robin: How did you get Lois and Clark? that must have been a big deal..

Teri: yeah..that was a lot... obviously later...I mean I've been around 
   a lot longer than I want to admit.

Howard: did you have to have sex with the producers?

Teri: umm.no..I sorta had relationships with ABC and Warner Brothers and 
  the people that created it...

Howard: and did you have to test out in front of other women and stuff?

Teri: I did...do a couple of auditions..yeah..but Dean and I never read together
   that was sorta ended up being sort of a fluke that we had the chemistry
   that we did..

Howard: producers ever ask you for sex or anything in any of these movies or

Teri: no..no but I have this thing on the set where it's always about like
   "who makes it into the dreams?"  like I always have sex dreams about 
    certain members of the crew

Robin: OH REAL--LY...

Teri: yeah...so there's a list

Howard: filty slut...

Teri: yeah..I'm a slut ( jokingly)
Howard: and you know what..you gotta be careful.. a lot of the Lois Lanes , like
   Margot Kidder was real good looking...but..booofa... gotta keep you're 
   look together...

Teri: I try

Howard: women don't age as good as men....

Teri: no..I know they don't..

Howard: but you're doing a good job..though..believe me..you're aging beautifully
Teri: I will try..

Howard: anyway..listen Teri..I just want to thank you for comming in.. 

Teri: well thank you for having me..

Howard: we'll all watch Superman...umm..Lois and Clark actually

Teri: yeah..start saying the name right..

Howard: on ABC..sunday night at 8 and I will be watching...

Robin: that's our ritual...we both watch it..

Teri: I'm so flattered

Howard: what is it Gary? ( his producer)

 Gary: Teri's going to be on the Tonight show  next week...

Robin: Say hello to Jay for Howard..

Howard: why don't you kiss another girl on there and see if all hell breaks loose
   yeah..it'll be pretty good...

Teri: yeah.   maybe I should get up on the desk...

Howard: if you want to maybe I could give you some tips on that e-mail and 
   tell you what to do on the tonight show to create a stink..

Teri: i'm sure it would go over well...

Howard: it's great meeting you..

Teri: It's nice meeting you too..

Howard: am I going to get to hug you goodbye?

Teri: if you want to

Howard: I can?
Teri: absolutely..

Howard: can I kiss your cheek?

Teri: sure

Howard: I can kiss you on the cheek?

Teri: yes...

Howard: I mean..I wanna be pretentious and kiss you on the lips..

Robin: the negotiations start..

Teri: yes..you can hug and kiss on the cheek..

Howard: so when I hug ya..I can pug my hands around your waist and like kiss you?

Teri: yeah..

Howard: and you won't be repulsed?

Teri: no..absolutely not.. I'm really shocked I have gotten out of this without
   more conversation about my bra size...

Howard: what IS your bra size?

** loud chorus of laughter..

Howard: can I take a guess?

Teri: sure.. guess

Howard: you mind standing up? I don't want to be wrong.

Teri: yeah..I mind standing up

Howard: you do?

Teri: yeah

Howard: oh..it's obnoxious? ok..let me think..

Howard: can my hands roam?

Teri: you can sort of do that telepathic feeling you know..from afar..

Howard: I'm going to say...I don't see a D cup there...I'm going to say..
   ahhh... I'm going to say.. 34 C..what do you say Jackie? ( another 
   one of Howards sidekicks..) 

 Jackie: I'd say 34 B...she's thin...so..

Howard: if she'd stand up I could get a better look..

 Jackie: yeah..come on..

Howard: please..help us out here..Teri...please..it's just.. I don't wanna be 

Teri: this is the humiliation I didn't want to go through... but I asked for it
   didn't I

Robin: yeah.. you did..YOU brought it up..

Teri: I had a clean getaway

Howard: Teri..please..please...ok.. look at from the side though..I know those are
  C's it's a question whether it's a 32 or 34..I'm going to say...no help
  from the audience please.. I'm going to write my answer down..every body
   write it down.. is there any such thing as a J? alright..I say 34C
   Jackie says 34 B fred says 32 C and gary says 36 D

Teri: are you out of your mind GAry??

Howard: Gary..who are you looking at? Jackie? Alright..now..drumroll please..
   and the answer on your breast size is......

Teri: I don't think ANYONE got it...32 C

Howard: Fred said that

Teri: oh he did..

Howard: oh..I got another game now...nwo that we're into it...I got another game
   alright..each one of us..each one of use..the quickest who could  unhook
   Teri's bra

Teri: (laughing) OH RIGHT . ok..that's where I call it a day..no no no

Howard: come one Teri..I'll go first..

Teri: No nonono...ah no

Howard: all we have to do is reach behind with one hand

Robin: you gotta do it one handed???

Teri: gotta draw the line somewhere..

Howard: ok..now listen..Teri 32 C huh?

Teri: yeah..

Howard: I was close..I was 34 C..that's the same . Fabulous. You ever go on 

Teri: yes

Howard: ever wear a thong on vacation?

Teri: ahh..no

Howard: you would not wear a thong?

Teri: ahh no..

Howard: ever buy like Fredericks of Hollywood outfits for your husband
Teri: yeah..

Howard: you do..

Teri: yeah..I wear that stuff around the house, I wouldn't wear it on the beach.

Robin: would you ever work nude again?

Teri: I actually have a really short scene in Heavens Prisoners the movie I 
   did with Alec Baldwin that'll be comming out next year.

Howard: yeah..he's good at getting women naked.

Teri: but it wasn't a love scene..it was actually really integral to the 
   character and it's just a second of me..and I am totally nude

Howard: totally nude? did you shave for it?

Teri: you'll have to go see..and so will everyone else..

Howard: you see actualy vagina?

Robin: VAGINA?

Teri: You know..I haven't see it yet ( the movie)...nonon...you don't

Robin: that's an internal organ!

Teri: thank you Robin..thank you Robin..

Howard:  do you see the vaginal area ( in the movie)

Teri: you know..I haven't see it..I don't think you really do but

Howard: what is it..a love scene with Alec Baldwin?

Teri: no..I just come out and stand on a balcony and then turn around 
   and go back in the house

Howard: what's the motivation?

Teri: umm..Alec drives up to this big mansion that I live in and

Robin: and you just rip off your clothers..

Teri: and she's just so manipulative that she walks out just to make sure
   that he;s seen her and walks back in

Howard: I'm going to get it in laser and use freeze frame...that's what
   I'm going to be doing..

Teri: I'm sure that'll end up some where..

Howard: oh yeah.. 

Teri: but that's probably the last think I'm going to do ( nude scene)

Howard: I bet your good in bed...actually..I can't tell if you're good in bed..
Teri:  I'm good in bed!

Howard: oh you are?

Teri: yeah..I think umm..I don't know if it's right to say that about yourself
   but you know what..I'm in my 30's now and I can say...I'm good in bed!

Howard: jesus christ...You better get out of here before I explode

Teri: ok..

Howard: do you do EVERYTHING in bed?

Teri: ah um..don't even go to that question! I'm serious...

*explosive laughter in the room

Howard: ok..fair enough fair enough..if I film a movie would you do a nude scene?
Teri: no..

Howard: why not? I'd pay you..what did you get paid for that movie?

Robin: she just said that's probably the last one she'll do ( heavens prisoner)

Teri: I think that's the last one..

Howard: what did you paid for that movie..

Teri: a lot.

Howard: what.. 100,000...

Teri: just..you know.. money..

Howard: what.. a million?

Teri: oh I don't want to talk about my salary

Howard: what if I told you I was a painter and I told you I wanted to paint you
   in the nude..

Teri: well..it depends on how sensual it is..I'm in to sensuality..

Howard: let me e mail you about it.. no..I'm a really good painter..
Teri: I can't tell by looking at Robin if I should be buying this or not..

Howard: I have painted...

Teri: he tells this to everyone..."yeah..I'm a really good painter.."

Howard: I paint.. but I'll be honest with you..I only paint labias..that's my..
  I'm being honest with you..

Teri: umm...well I don't think I'll be the model...

Howard: alright..Teri..it's great to meet you..I will continue to watch lois 
  and clark

Teri: thank you very much for being such big fans...I hope you enjoy your
  sweatshirts ( Teri gave them each Land C sweatshirts) Robin you can
  think of dean when you're working out..and howard you can think of me

Howard: I will certainly...thank you Teri..Everyone watch lois and clark
  at 8 oclock on sundays..

Laura (Amby on IRC)