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The article is as follows:  TERI HATCHER'S MEXICAN STANDOFF - After 3 days in
paradise she returns to arms of troubled hubby.

Superman star Teri Hatcher is determined to rescue her troubled marriage,
following three days of soul-searching during a working vacation in Mexico,
insiders reveal.

While flaunting her sexy curves for fashion photogs on the beach in Cabo San
Lucas, Teri was also busy reflecting on her relationship with actor-hubby Jon
Tenney, which has been strained by her status as a TV superstar, say friends.

The 30-year-old L&C beauty returned home to Los Angeles committed to making
her marriage work.  "Teri came off the plane and her face lit up when she saw
Jon," says an eyewitness.  He put his arm around her while she said goodbye
to the crew of the fashion shoot and they were holding hands as they left.
 I'd say whatever problems they're having weren't with them that day."

But insiders reveal that the actress' two year union to Jon, 30, has been
shaky for the last six months and she's been seeing a marriage counselor in a
last-ditch bid to patch things up.  "Teri is not ready to call it quits,"
says a pal.  She refuses to give up.  She's been seeing a counselor on
Thursday mornings before going to the L&C set, and has invited her husband to
see the counselor with her.  She even got special clearance from the show's
producers to show up at 10 a.m. instead of the usual 8 a.m."

Teri has been telling pals that her marriage woes all stem from the fact that
she's a major star and Jon isn't.  "It's pretty common with Hollywood
couples," says a friend.  "One gets on a hit show and all of a sudden, all
the photographers and attention starts going to them.  A lot of marriages
don't survive that kind of pressure, but Teri is determined that hers will be
the exception."

The stunning star is doing everything she can to help the marriage- even
arranging jobs for him, say sources.  "Teri got L&C producers to give Jon a
role in each of the last two episodes of the season and the first episode of
the new season," an insider reveals.  "He accepted the parts and already
feels better."

The couple are now keeping their fingers crossed, hoping Jon's new sitcom
Good Company will be a ratings winner.  Teri has also been house-hunting,
looking to get out of the cramped home she and Jon have been sharing.  "She's
touring homes in the $500,000 range," says a source.  "She and Jon want a
two-story, English-style place with a nice yard in a quiet, secluded setting.
 With her hectic life, it's important for her to have a place where she can

While Teri is also working hard at keeping her figure super-sexy for her
career- and Jon- Globe's exclusive photos clearly blow rumors that she's
suffering from anorexia out of the water.  "Teri is in fantastic shape with a
body to die for," says a source.  "She watches everything she eats, counts
every calorie, and is always talking about how much she likes to run and ride
her bicycle to keep in shape.

"After Jon sees these sexy photos from her trip, he won't be able to keep his
hands off her."