Dave Nemeth: Look out Superman Dean Cain has a rival, that's right, a rival
for the love of Lois Lane Teri Hatcher, it seems there is a new man on the
set, Teri's husband.  Which caused some complication, when we went On
Lois and Clark's super sexy Teri Hatcher, she the hottest woman at Daily
Planet, or any other planet for that matter

(showing a clip of Teri shooting DTOSC)
Teri: It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it

Dave: Teri spend her days locked in a sizzling TV romance with co-star Dean
Cain but on the set this week, there's a bit of a love triangle.

(showing Teri and Jon stand together)
Jon: Have we met?  (laugh)

Teri: Hi I 'm Teri Hatcher

Jon: Hi I'm Jon Tenny

Teri: Let's get married.  (laugh)

Dave: Jon Tenny is Teri's real life husband for nearly two years, now the
star of the CBS sit com "Good Company" is acting opposite his wife the first
time ever, as a guest villain on Lois & Clark

(Jon is giving Teri a massage while standing)
Teri: Here is one benefit of having your husband on the set.  Oh really good
ok I'll say anything you want me say Extra, go! (laugh)

Dave: well now that you mentioned it Teri, how about taking this opportunity
to put to rest those nasty tabloids that you and Dean are an item, and that
you and Jon maybe splitting up

Teri: I think we're probably just so normal and boring they probably can't
come up with anything.

Jon: It's like why would they really want to know.  You have no control over
what people are going to write and  say about you

Dave: As for Dean, he dismisses any notion that it might be awkward for him
to do his usual love scenes with Teri right in front of her husband.

(Dean on the set)
Dean: I mean this is out job, you got to remember this is our job.

(Teri runs over and kisses Dean on the cheek)
Teri: Oh, I can't stand it, this is serious, here quick, before he comes

Dean: See this happens on and off camera

Teri: Jon you better get over here and stop us, we're making out!

Dean: Jon's eating at the crafts service table, see how much he cares?

(Showing Teri and Jon)
Jon: No, I think it would be insane to be jealous of that, I.. I...
absolutely not, I'm so proud of what she does.

Transcribed by Jeff, President Teri Hatcher Fan Club.