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The article is as follows:  SEXY TERI HATCHER SIZZLES IN THE SUN & She plans
to be a mom!

"L&C" star Teri Hatcher has been rescued from a starvation nightmare by her
real-life superman- heroic hubby Jon Tenney!  The 5'6" beauty had dropped to
a scrawny 106 pounds and friends feared she was anorexic.  But thanks to
Jon's help, Teri has regained her curves- and showed off the eye-pleasing
results during a visit to Mexico.

On the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Teri traded her Lois Lane business suit for
a super-sexy bikini that clearly revealed she's no longer skin and bones.
 She looked toned, tanned and terrific.

But you'd better look fast at these hot Enquirer photos because sexy Teri's
planning to pack on a lot more pounds soon- she and Jon are going to try for
a baby!

"Staying healthy and raising a family have become the most important
priorities in Teri's life," said a source close to the 30-year-old actress.
 "She's already got the mind-set of a mother-to-be.  She's started reading
books about raising children, making lists of possible baby names and looking
for the perfect home in Los Angeles for a large family."

Teri's transformation over the past few weeks is nothing short of amazing.
 As the Enquirer revealed in February, the sultry star had wasted away to a
skinny size 2 because she ate next to nothing.  Friends were worried sick
that she was going to wreck her health.  "She'd become obsessed with looking
like a glamorous supermodel-and working around the clock on 'L&C' didn't help
her unhealthy lifestyle," confided the source.

"But before Teri suffered disastrous consequences from her dramatic weight
loss, hubby Jon stepped in and confronted her."  Jon, who's also an actor,
forced his skeletal spouse to take a long hard look at herself in a mirror,
said the source.

"He told her:  'You're still beautiful to me.  But you won't be for long if
you continue to neglect your health.  What happened to the dream we shared of
a house full of kids? I want a strong, healthy mom for my children.  You've
got to start making time for food and time for family.' "

Teri was so moved by her mate's concern that she vowed to change.  And Jon
didn't give her time to back out- he immediately took her to a Mexican
restaurant for an enormous meal!  "That started Teri on the road to
recovery," said the source.  "Then Jon started adding fattening extras like
cheese, croutons and avocado to Teri's skimpy salads.  Now she's got her
weight up to a healthy 112 pounds.

During her trip to Mexico, Teri posed for photos for a fashion magazine and
enjoyed a carefree, relaxed, badly needed vacation.  "When a mariachi band
started playing at a nearby cabana, Teri jumped right in with them and
started dancing like a sultry senorita," said an insider.

Teri told the close source:  "Now I'm comfortable with my body for the first
time in months.  I'm never going to let my weight drop that low again.  Jon
gave me back my life- and now I'm going to give him the baby we've always
dreamed of!"