Feb. 8 1996, Ch. 7 Eyewitness New at 4
Steve Wolford: Well the new Lois Lane isn't just a big hit in the eyes of
Superman, she's also Hollywood's top attraction in of all places, cyberspace.
Eyewitness news Laura Diaz gives us a backstage pass to Teri's Hatcher's hit
show, Lois & Clark.

Laura Diaz: Thanks Steve, it is superman to a TV drama, and every Sunday
night you can count on Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain to take us on a high flying
crime fighting adventure, but can you count on Lois & Clark to tie the
knot. We went behind the scenes during their wedding rehearsal.

Dean: There was one moment, when she started walking down the aisle, and
everybody stood up and turning around, the music was playing, I kind of had
that feeling, that that strange feeling.

Laura: What's not strange is how wildly and popular Lois & Clark is with it's
fans, according to Psychology today, the show's co star Teri Hatcher is the
most downloaded celebrity on the internet.  Hatcher's pictures are plucked
off the net more than 400,000 times a day.  There are over 100 internet pages
for the show including the shrine of Teri Hatcher.  It's just one of the many
place you can go to see Lois Lane like you've never seen her before

Teri: I'm sure 20 years from now when I look back on it, it'll be a kick I
guess, you know it's... I mean it's really flattering.

Laura: Hatcher says she's also flattered by the response she's been getting
her fans since she cropped her locks.

Teri: I just uh... felt like it was time for a change so I wanted to get my
hair cut and so I did, and umm... it's just seems to have been well received,
and... works well, I think it's a working... woman's hair cut and... I still
think it looks sexy but, lots of men seems to like the longer hair, I don't
know,  I have a few theory on what that's about.

Laura: She also has a few theories on Lois' choices of a wedding dress.

Teri: It's not necessary I wouldn't say my taste but, I think it will move
on camera and... everyone seems to think it looks pretty I feel a little
goofy in it (laughs) myself.  All dolled up you know... no place to go

Laura: But that's not true, Lois & Clark will be walking down this aisle this
Sunday, the only problem is on one will tell us if they really go through
with it.

Dean: I can only say this, because I don't normally say much, umm... they...
can't even tell you they really get married.

Teri: I guess I can just tell you that it's umm... I think its gonna, it it's
great challenge of acting work for me, especially in a television show I
think.  Umm...  I am gonna be singing again there's sort of a exclusive.

Laura: If you're into with Lois & Clark, you now that the love birds have
waiting to getting married to get physical, but is Superman ready for the
pending honeymoon.

Dean: Are you kidding?  He's the man of steel!  I'll leave it at that.

Laura: Please do, we'll see if Lois & Clark even makes it to the honeymoon
Sunday night right here at 8 o'clock.

Trancribed by Jeff - President of the Teri Hatcher fan club