ABC Amy:       Welcome everyone!
 ABC Amy:       We're thrilled to be giving you the opportunity to talk to 
Teri Hatcher tonight!
 ABC Amy:       Teri will take your questions, and at the end of the Q&A, 
we'll be unveiling her hot new
 ABC Amy:       picture for your downloading pleasure.
 ABC Amy:       We're live at Warner Bros. studios in Burbank in the Lois & 
Clark production offices.
 ABC Amy:       Teri has just finished a long day on the job.  She started 
production today on "Tempus
 ABC Amy:       Anyone," the follow-up to last season's "Tempus Fugitive."
 ABC Amy:       Before we say hello to Teri, lets get a little info on who 
she is.  Online Host, take it
 ABC Amy:       away!
 OnlineHost:    Over the past 2-1/2 years, actress Teri Hatcher
 :      has earned acclaim from critics and fans alike for
 :      what is widely considered to be *the* definitive
 :      portrayal of the legendary comic book heroine,
 :      Lois Lane, on ABC's "Lois & Clark: The New
 :      Adventures of Superman."
 OnlineHost:    Blessed with brains, beauty AND talent, it is no
 :      surprise that Teri has developed a huge following
 :      in cyberspace and beyond. With "Lois & Clark," the
 :      actress had transformed Superman's true love into
 :      a multidimensional '90s woman - smart, successful,
 :      vulnerable, ambitious, sensitive *and* sexy all at
 :      once.
 OnlineHost:    Before landing on "Lois & Clark," Teri appeared in
 :      a spate of feature films including "The Big
 :      Picture," "Tango and Cash," "Soapdish," and
 :      "Straight Talk." She co-stars with Alec Baldwin in
 :      the upcoming thriller, "Heaven's Prisoners" and
 :      will also make a cameo appearance in the feature
 :      film, "Dead Girl," starring Val Kilmer.
 OnlineHost:    During her last summer hiatus, Teri co-starred
 :      with James Spader, Jeff Daniels and Danny Aiello
 :      in the feature film, "2 days in the Valley".
 ABC Amy:       We're going to start taking questions for Teri right away. 
 We'll do the trivia contest
 ABC Amy:       at the end of the session.
 ABC Amy:       Welcome Teri!
 Teri Live:     Hello everyone, welcome
 ABC Amy:       Our first question comes from Philmagic:
 Question:      Teri- Hi I really like Lois & Clark.  Do you enjoy the work? 
Or is it very tiring?
 Teri Live:     Yes, I do enjoy it.  It is tiring but I am so fortunate to 
have a great fun cast and crew
 Teri Live:     to work with.
 ABC Amy:       The next question is from Larus2407...
 Question:      Dear Ms. Hatcher -        All us FoLCs on the Lois And Clark 
List and our friends want to
 Question:      know if you are writing an episode for L&C, and if so if you 
have a story idea yet, and if you're
 Question:      asking the rest of the cast for input.  --Laurie
 Teri Live:     I am writing an episode.  I think I have to keep secret 
about the subject, but I'll say it
 Teri Live:     is challenging and rewarding in a whole new way different 
from acting
 ABC Amy:       Vadude696 wants to know...
 Question:      Teri, how does it feel to be the woman most adored by men 
nationwide (and me especially!)?!
 Teri Live:     Oh, god , is that true
 Teri Live:     It feels great , remind me to call you when I'm eighty!
 ABC Amy:       RCano asks:
 ABC Amy:       Sorry RCano...your question disappeared, so I'll take one 
from Bmiddlet
 Question:      What's next... Movies? Please let us know what other 
projects are coming up for you Teri.
 Teri Live:     well, I have two movies coming out, /the alec baldwin movie 
and 2 days in the valley
 Teri Live:     which is supposed to be quite good ) on the hiatus, I hope 
to direct a small movie
 OnlineHost:    "Lois & Clark" star Teri Hatcher is with us
 :      tonight to discuss her hit TV series and the debut
 :      of her smashing new online pinup.  Use the
 :      "Interact" feature to send your questions to Teri
 :      now!
 ABC Amy:       Tascisimo wants to know:
 Question:      Teri please describe your experience on Seinfeld.
 Teri Live:     Well, it was the most relaxing and fun work ever!  bye the 
way, there is a gnat flying
 Teri Live:     around the room "bugging both abcamy and me.
 ABC Amy:       Acutally, I think I just killed that guy!  : )
 ABC Amy:       Joyusf would like to know...
 Question:      Teri, Where do you buy that Kiehl's cucumber oil that Dean 
likes so much?
 Teri Live:     Well, the original store is in New York and You can also get 
it at Fred Segals in La
 ABC Amy:       Ramroch would like to know:
 Question:      Is there any spontaneity at all in the romantic scenes (i.e. 
gestures etc.)  For example,
 Question:      Lois kissed Clark's hand in Ultrawoman and Virtually 
Destroyed.  It looked spontaneos.  Was it?
 OnlineHost:    Teri Live has left the room.
 ABC Amy:       Everyone...teri just got kicked out of AOL, so I'm going to 
type her answers for a few
 ABC Amy:       minutes while we get her logged back on.
 ABC Amy:       So the answer to the question about spontaneous romance 
scenes is...
 ABC Amy:       Teri: No.  I never touch Dean unless I have to : )  Just 
 ABC Amy:       Teri: We have a very spontaneous onscreen relationship. 
 It's a lot of fun.
 ABC Amy:       Mardiec wants to know...
 Question:      Teri- ok...the big question...are Lois and Clark going to 
wait until after they are
 Question:      married...or not?
 ABC Amy:       Teri: Not if Lois has anything with it.  That slut!!!  Just 
kidding of course!
 ABC Amy:       Teri: I love the innocent romance between Lois and Clark so 
I hope that tells you what I
 ABC Amy:       hope happens.
 OnlineHost:    Teri Live has entered the room.
 ABC Amy:       Okay, Teri's back on stage....
 ABC Amy:       Chembioph would like to know:
 Question:      What has been her favorite episode so far?
 Teri Live:     that is really difficult.
 Teri Live:     this season has been my favorite by far
 ABC Amy:       JoyfulGal would like to know:
 Question:      What with a hit show and a booming movie career, how has 
fame affected your life?
 Teri Live:     well , i'm sitting here,
 Teri Live:     mostly, i just work and try to have a family life too, 
that's all i have time for
 ABC Amy:       JDog31 would like to know...
 Question:      Who was your hero when you were little
 Teri Live:     Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore, my mom
 OnlineHost:    ABCPhoto1 has entered the room.
 ABC Amy:       AJETV asks:
 Question:      First of all, Teri, you are the most attractive woman in the 
world!!!   What was your
 Question:      first television role?
 Teri Live:     Thank you, It was on the love boat as a dancing mermaid
 ABC Amy:       Ten Cigar asks:
 Question:      Teri, What similarities are there between your character 
"Louis" and your real self?
 Teri Live:     No similarities between me and Louis, but Lois and I have 
parellel lives a lot of the time
 ABC Amy:       Dangingal asks:
 Question:      When you have free time away from L&C, what do you like to 
(What are       your hobbies?)
 Teri Live:     I rest, I read, play with my animals and husband:) sometimes 
my friends and I have
 Teri Live:     game night
 ABC Amy:       DrTechnca asks:
 Question:      How does it feel to have a photograph of you (the one where 
you're wrapped in the cape) in
 Question:      such download demand?
 Teri Live:     Amazing, It almost didn't happen because abc was almost too 
scared to shoot me
 Teri Live:     without a blouse on. can you believe that?!
 ABC Amy:       Who would have thought!  Wait til you guys see the new one. 
 Guess someone new's in
 ABC Amy:       charge at ABC now!  : )
 ABC Amy:       Mr. Steed asks:
 Question:      Teri, how was it appearing with Howard Stern on his radio 
show recently?
 Teri Live:     He was very nice to me. I suppose because he likes the show. 
 I love  entertaining and
 Teri Live:     I feel that's what that show was. Entertaining. btw, He has 
not written me again.
 ABC Amy:       Davedorf asks
 Question:      Teri, what prompted you to cut your hair?
 Teri Live:     dandruff is a horrible curse :)
 ABC Amy:       LOL!!!
 Teri Live:     actually, I just wanted a change. and i like it
 ABC Amy:       Sjoyous asks...
 Question:      How do you feel about "Lois & Clark" getting married?
 Teri Live:     i think we are working towards that, there are lots of 
directions to go with the
 Teri Live:     relationship no matter what happens
 Question:      Does Teri have any say in the fashions she wears on the show 
and how does she feel about
 Question:      be fashion critiqued???
 Teri Live:     i do have a lot of say, but keep in mind it is a character 
that we've developed not me
 ABC Amy:       JAZZ E99s asks
 Question:      hi Teri awhile back i read that when your filming the flying 
scenes with Dean you don't
 Question:      wear safety harness is this true? is Dean just Holding you 
him self?
 Teri Live:     sometimes that is true, but we realized that it is just too 
dangerous so now
 Teri Live:     I wear a safety belt
 Teri Live:     I just want to mention that dean is very strong and i do 
trust him
 Question:      Hi Teri,    Happy Holidays here is my ? Do you think Lois 
over reacted to finding out that
 Question:      Clark was a virgin because it was a hot topic last week 
 ABC Amy:       Nena1pcw asked: (sorry FolCS
 Teri Live:     I don't think she was upset or mad, I think she felt bad 
that something so beautiful
 Teri Live:     that you hope to share with one special person had not 
worked out that way for her
 Teri Live:     re: the whole new thing with second virginity. it's a 
sensitive issue for everyone
 Teri Live:     I think lois loves clark so much and as she said, she 
admired how he handled it
 Teri Live:     and I think and anxiety or defensiveness was because of her 
own insecurities
 ABC Amy:       BMalady asks:
 Question:      You look like you work out reguarly, how do you find the 
time and what type of exercise do
 Question:      you do?
 Teri Live:     I do try to exercise because it is so good for you, but alot 
of my health is
 Teri Live:     controlled by good healthy diet because of the lack of time 
you spoke of
 ABC Amy:       Lin86503 asks:
 Question:      Any word on the new release date for Heaven's Prisoner?
 Teri Live:     Unfortunately it has been is Savoy release trouble, not 
because it is bad but
 Teri Live:     because of financial reasons .  I hope it is released in the 
spring just before 2 days
 ABC Amy:       Planet LC asks a good one...
 Question:      If you could have any superpower at all, which one would it 
be and why?   --forever an folc
 Question:      Cindy
 ABC Amy:       She's thinking hard about this one...
 Teri Live:     that's a fun thought.   x-ray to see dean's butt, super 
speed to clean the house,
 ABC Amy:       LOL!
 Teri Live:     super strength to get all the bad guys in the world
 ABC Amy:       MARDIEC would like to know:
 Question:      Teri- Does your husband Jon mind all of the love scenes 
between Lois and Clark?
 Teri Live:     no, he's an actor too, and I think he understands what that 
is all about
 ABC Amy:       CK LL LK asks:
 Question:      Hi Mrs Hatcher my name is Evan and I was just wondering if 
all the attention you get you
 Question:      like or sometimes like or not like it all?
 Teri Live:     well when i get a table quick at a restaurant , I like it, 
when I am shopping at the mall
 Teri Live:     I sometimes like it and at the airport, i don't like it at 
 ABC Amy:       BronwenL asks:
 Question:      Hi! The Ninety's Lois is a great role model!  She's strong 
and vivacious, but she's still
 Question:      warm and kind.  What do you like most about LL and what 
qualities do you share with her?
 Teri Live:     it is in constant ebb and flow, but i enjoy all the 
qualities that you mentioned in
 Teri Live:     lois and i think i have them also
 ABC Amy:       ELILRERAH asks:
 Question:      Teri, I really enjoyed the episode where you got to play 
Ultrawoman. I especially liked
 Question:      the mask.  Was it  fun playing a superhero?
 Teri Live:     yes, it was freeing wearing that mask, a great acting 
exercise.  And of course, you learn
 Teri Live:     alot being in someone else's shoes.  I didn't mind wearing 
that suit at all, but I
 Teri Live:     wouldn't want to do it every week
 ABC Amy:       FoLC1 asks:
 Question:      L&C is my favorite show, and I was wondering if there was 
anytalk of doing a movie version
 Teri Live:     not to my knowledge, I probably wouldn't do it though.  I 
want to move on after
 Teri Live:     the series lives out it's life on abc
 ABC Amy:       AlegreR asks:
 Question:      Teri, viewers are treated with so many nice nuances and 
arrange that you add to keep Lois
 Question:      fresh each week.  What would you consider to be your most 
challenging acting role thus far?
 Teri Live:     the work I did in the last two movies was quite risky and 
rewarding but being even
 Teri Live:     above average and finding nuances at the pace a tv series 
like L&C is shot is a
 Teri Live:     challenge too.  I am proud of the moments and thrilled that 
you notice
 ABC Amy:       RWirth283 would like to know:
 Question:      Is the sequal to "Tempus Fugitive," "Tempus Anyone," also 
dealing with time travel?
 Teri Live:     yes it is and it is fabulous
 ABC Amy:       Great!  We cant wait!
 ABC Amy:       Great!  We cant wait!
 ABC Amy:       DJMUZ asks:
 Question:      How did you get the role of Lois? Were you familiar with the 
comic book series?
 Teri Live:     no I was not familiar with the comic book and auditioned for 
it like any other role
 Teri Live:     I was going to say, i slept with the president of abc but 
abcamy told me i couldn't
 Teri Live:     of course, i didn't, for all you five year olds, wait i mean 
for everyone
 ABC Amy:       Hey, I only want you to look good!!
 ABC Amy:       Only those who saw Teri's appearance on Conan last season 
will understand this next
 ABC Amy:       one...
 ABC Amy:       Toyfish asks...
 Question:      Have you gotten any cool appliances lately?
 Teri Live:     lol
 Teri Live:     nothing particularly exciting, let's see, a cheese grater 
for my birthday,
 Teri Live:     what can i do with that, uh oh trouble don't answer that!
 ABC Amy:       LOL...Sounds like you could hurt yourself!!
 ABC Amy:       Vanzee4 asks:
 Question:      Teri when do you get to sing again on L&C? We were hoping 
for a Christmas Carol :)
 Teri Live:     yes, i would like to.  no plans to though, i'm flattered 
that you want to hear more
 ABC Amy:       Yeah, they're asking for an album Teri!
 ABC Amy:       Agpietric asks:
 Question:      Teri, in recent episodes it sounded like you and Dean both 
had colds - are the romance
 Question:      scenes wearing you both down?!
 Teri Live:     hehehe,  I was very sick, in fact I completely lost my voice 
for three days
 Teri Live:     and i think i gave it to Dean, the hazards of kissing at 
 ABC Amy:       Clark XX (a Krypton Club member I do believe) asks:
 Question:      Teri, I just wanted to say first, that I hope you enjoyed 
the yellow roses my friends and
 Question:      I sent you on December first when we visited WB!  =)   My 
question, How will you be spending the
 Question:      holidays?
 Teri Live:     thank you for the flowers, did you know yellow is for 
 Teri Live:     I am taking the inlaws and myself and husband to an 
undisclosable tropical island
 ABC Amy:       Glub123 has an interesting questions : )...
 Question:      Teri, in real life, do you have a romantic attachment 
to/with Superman?
 Teri Live:     well, on the real earth, I haven't seen any men in tights 
that i've been weak kneed for
 ABC Amy:       IselaGord asks:
 Question:      What is it like to work with Dean Cain?  How many shows to 
you film per week?
 Teri Live:     It takes 8 days to shoot one episode there... the quality of 
the transmission should improve...
 Teri Live:     it's hard to describe the relationship dean and i have 
developed over three years
 Teri Live:     Of course, it would be , so me, to say something smart ass 
and sexually funny,
 Teri Live:     but seriously we really do support each other through what 
can be an exhausting job
 Teri Live:     and life style.  We compliment each other well.  and have 
learned to respect and enjoy
 Teri Live:     each others stamina and strengths.  okay,  I know you're 
waitin.... He's hot!!!!!!!!!!!!
 ABC Amy:       They're squealing in the aisles!!
 ABC Amy:       Hilunder asks:
 Question:      Are there any plans for or is there currently a Teri Hatcher 
 Teri Live:     Oh, god no!   That would mean bathing suits, and tools, and 
 Teri Live:     and being in every mechanic's shop.
 ABC Amy:       StigJr asks:
 Question:      You folks have a great cast....Whos the clown around there?
 Teri Live:     If I do say so myself, me!
 Teri Live:     Saw your question, Doug, go home , rest, have a life!:)
 ABC Amy:       MrFreeez just has to know:
 Question:      What is your favorite flovor ice cream??
 Teri Live:     can't say that I eat alot of it lately, but I truly love 
banana splits with chocolate,
 Teri Live:     jamoca and pecan prailine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 ABC Amy:       Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!   JBaloney ( a woman married to a skeptic : ) 
) says...
 Question: husband doesn't really believe it's you chatting 
with us...He thinks it's the
 Question:      cyborg "Baby" from last night's episode!!  Can you prove 
you're really you???
 Teri Live:     No, but if you stick plugs in my ears all you'll get is wax 
 ABC Amy:       LOL!  Along those same lines SloMan Co asks...
 Question:      Teri...Are you actually typing in your own answers here or 
are you dictating.(a very
 Question:      personal question I know, but hey...)
 Teri Live:     I'm typing, If abcamy was it would all be happening a lot 
 ABC Amy:       That's okay...We're patient!
 ABC Amy:       Okay, we're going to give Teri a little break right now and 
do the trivia contest
 ABC Amy:       The first six people to answer the trivia question correctly 
will receive an autographed
 ABC Amy:       copy of Teri's new picture, which will be unveiled 
momentarily on ABC Online.
 ABC Amy:       With your answer, be sure to include the name you'd like 
Teri to use on the   photo
 ABC Amy:       in the event that you win.
 ABC Amy:       Okay.  Here it goes....
 ABC Amy:       After Ultrawoman first appeared in the episode titled "Ultra 
Woman" (of course), Ultra
 ABC Amy:       Woman receives flowers from legions of new fans.
 ABC Amy:       Name 5 of the six people (real and fictional) who sent 
flowers to Ultra Woman.
 ABC Amy:       While you're typing away, Teri will take a few more 
 ABCPhoto1:     I have a team of email readers tabulating the results and 
will get back to you shortly...
 ABC Amy:       YNF has a beauty question:
 Question:      Your skin absolutely glows. What's your secret - moisturizer 
or nature. If moisturizer,
 Question:      which brand?
 Teri Live:     neither, it's a brilliant director of photography and my mom 
and dad :)
 ABC Amy:       We're all jealous!
 ABC Amy:       Pentlands asks:
 OnlineHost:    ABCPhoto1 has left the room.
 Question:      Teri-Hey The show is great. I was wondering If you havea 
nick name.
 Teri Live:     Pain in the ass ? :) just kidding, not really , maybe hatch
 ABC Amy:       LOL! Who would ever say that!!   DDelCorso says:
 Question:      I saw you in Soapdish and LOVED IT!  I thought you were 
hilareous in that movie...I enjoy
 Question:      seeing your funny side and wondered which roles you like 
more, comedy or drama?
 ABC Amy:       Before Teri answers that..please dont send Instant Messages 
to ABC Photo1.  You
 ABC Amy:       must send e-mail for the trivia question
 Teri Live:     I love doing comedy, I try to find as many moments as Ican 
for that in L&C
 ABC Amy:       Demi22 (is that the REAL Demi??) asks:
 Question:      Teri, if you had to pick a favourite movie of all time (not 
necessarily one you have been
 Question:      in <g>) what would it be?
 Teri Live:     tootsie
 ABC Amy:       Joyusf asks:
 Question:      Hi Teri,   Do you have a golf handicap that you're willing 
to share? Joyce
 Teri Live:     I'm willing to share, but I don't.  I love the game, but 
don't get to play too often
 ABC Amy:       Stay tuned...We'll be unveiling Teri's new picture in just a 
few minutes...TadTHFan asks:
 Question:      Ms Hatcher-What plans do you have for the future after Lois 
and Clark? (Not to imply that
 Question:      the show will ever end!) :)   --Tad someone just kicked her 
off stage
 OnlineHost:    Teri Live has left the room.
 ABC Amy:       Okay everyone...Teri just got kicked off stage again. 
 Someone at AOL must not like her!
 ABC Amy:       AIRICK527 asks:
 Question:      Teri do you have any kids?
 ABC Amy:       Teri:  No, not that I know of!  Hope to in the future.
 OnlineHost:    Teri Live has entered the room.
 ABC Amy:       Okay. She's back!
 ABC Amy:       We've got four trivia winners so far...
 ABC Amy:       ANd they are:  Cookiecd, jurisfille, lactnaos and agcanas
 OnlineHost:    ABCPhoto1 has entered the room.
 ABC Amy:       And we just found the last two winners...
 ABC Amy:       ABCPhoto1 will tell us who they are...
 ABCPhoto1:     ...the envelope pleeez...
 ABCPhoto1:     And the winners are: LoisLane81 and LuckyCBF
 ABC Amy:       Congratulations to all!  Good going.
 ABC Amy:       And the answer was:  Brad Pitt, the governor, Jimmy Olsen, 
Fabio, Deion Sanders and
 ABC Amy:       Antonio Banderas!
 ABC Amy:       Teri
 ABC Amy:       will answer one or two more questions before we show you her 
new picture!
 Teri Live:     sure, sure, bring it on!
 ABC Amy:       WadeKSmit asks:
 Question:      Do you think you might take a trip to Australia at some 
point like Dean did last year,
 Question:      especially since you and the show are so popular there?
 Teri Live:     I was in Figi, last year, just beautiful!! I hope so
 Teri Live:     So abc is busy downloading, thanks so much for joining me
 Teri Live:     i thought it would be funny to have a picture of me cleaning 
my kitchen
 Teri Live:     or washing my dog
 Teri Live:     that would be true to who I really am:)
 Teri Live:     of course, no one would want to see that!
 ABC Amy:       Well, Teri's got to take off in a minute.  She's got another 
long day at work tomorrow.
 ABC Amy:       So, We'll now release her new picture for general 
downloading.  Before we do that
 ABC Amy:       we'd like to thank Teri for taking the time to join us. 
 It's been a thrill for me, and I'
 ABC Amy:       I'm sure you all have enjoyed it too!
 Teri Live:     good night everyone, as always , i wish I could have 
answered all of your
 Teri Live:     questions, but there is always next time.   all of your
 Teri Live:     thanks for the support and for being such great fans
 Teri Live:     I treasure that all the hard work makes so many people feel 
so good
 Teri Live:     I hope you enjoyed the night together
 Teri Live:     i certainly did!