JMicha33:	TERI?
Nena1pcw:	Hi Teri care for some frog legs  Ha!! Ha!!
Teri Live:	Hi, It's me.
Leigh 4CK:	Hi Teri
RAMROCH: just want to hear how fabulous you were tonight don't
MissyToo:	Hellllooooo Teri!
Superman92:	Let's try to keep a scroll ride from happening. :)
ABC Amy:	RAMROCH: I'm sure she wouldn't mind : )
Bomber524:	you were fabulous!
CALLIE46:	Hi, Teri!
SueY AMC:	Hi, Teri.
Teya:	OH MY GOD   So how was the frog?? Do they really taste like chicken??
Sun Go Kou:	Teri, how does the frog taste?  <g>
Teri Live:	No I want to hear how thin I am :(
RAMROCH:	you were fabulous!  okay you win!!!!!!!!
EEganWA:	Hey Teri, staying up late.  Working tomorrow?
Bomber524:	Next weeks ep look like irt was a ton of fun for you!
SueY AMC:	Teri, was is a rubber frog?  or Gummy frog?
LuvMnWhFly:	You look GREAT Teri!
CALLIE46:	Keep eating those frogs.
ABC Amy:	Are you sure you have enough energy to type, Teri?
LindaKMc:	Great show
MissyToo:	We worry about ya, lady, that's all!
Aud 4 LnC:	how did you eat that frog teri!!!!
RAMROCH:	you're too thin need some chicken soup..or frog soup..
Bomber524:	loved that slurping noise at the end!
Superman92:	We're just concerned. :)
PORT54:	Frog legs should do the trick.
Teya:	We're having a hard time keeping up1 Poor Teri!!
Teri Live:	They were real frogs.  And not abused
JoylynH:	Teri- you were GREAT o tonight's ep
Bomber524:	and you ate one?
Nena1pcw:	OK Teri spill the frog so to speak did you floss afterwards
RAMROCH:	teri...what did you think of your interview in parade..were you
happy how it turned out...?
SueY AMC:	The one that you put in your mouth???
Aud 4 LnC:	but teri, it was in your mouth? right?
Sun Go Kou:	Teri, Paul said the one you ate was mde of candy
LNL 80:	LOVED tonight's episode
CALLIE46:	Teri, tell Dean to stop getting you sick.
Teri Live:	The one in the mouth was a geletin frog
Fmc17:	you looked real pretty in your dress but what was up with the head
Teri Live:	I didn't swallow it, Yuk
MissyToo:	I'm glad to see Lois kickin' as* in this show again!
JoylynH:	the slurping sound was great
RAMROCH:	teri...what about the parade interview..were you happy with
came out a little negative..
Sun Go Kou:	"Quit it!"  LOL
JMicha33:	Those sound boys can be tricky can't they Teri?
Bomber524:	HANGERMAN is back, I wonder why?
HANGERMAN1:	Surprise?  What surprise?    :)
SueY AMC:	Teri, I live in Santa Clara.  I just drove by Fremont High a week
SoundSquaw:	Looking forward to your singing, Teri. :)
Nena1pcw:	What are you going to sing and when Teri?
Bomber524:	I was born in Sunnyvale also!
Aud 4 LnC:	Teri, are you excited about Letterman this week>
Bomber524:	too, bad I moved to Portland
Superman92:	What song will you be singing?  (If you can tell us that future
RAMROCH:	teri...are you excited about letterman?
LNL 80:	Next week looks like your episode, Teri.  Can't wait!
Teri Live:	No body know you when you're down and out
Bomber524:	I loved, I've got a crush on you, you have a great voice
MissyToo:	I love the line about "trouble sticks to me...
IVbound:	Teri is dopeness
Teri Live:	Letterman, yeh, New York, Yeh, nothing bad about it
RAMROCH:	honey...are you neervous?
JMicha33:	LOL
Superman92:	hehehe
Leigh 4CK:	If they every do a L&C CD, they should put your I've Got a Crush
on You on it
JoylynH:	So there's GOT to be a cat fight b/w Lois & the clone right?
Sun Go Kou:	Teri, did you loved New York?
LittlRed1:	"I'm Mrs. Superman.  Cool!!"
IVbound:	what night are you on Dave?
SueY AMC:	Leigh, I agree.
Teri Live:	Not nervous, could it be worse than Tom
Nena1pcw:	Teri did you slap Tom Arnold the "Pig" back stage I would have
Sun Go Kou:	Tom was a jerk
Aud 4 LnC:	Tom was horrible to you... you acted like a princess
MissyToo:	Tom should be buried up to his neck in what he shovels regularly
RAMROCH:	lol teri...byt the handled that one great..classy ladyt!
SueY AMC:	Teri, you have class.
JMicha33:	Thanks for classy Teri.  No words needed to be said!
Aud 3 LnC:	Teri -- loved you in "Brainsmasher."
CALLIE46:	You came off with grace.
Nena1pcw:	That was a GREAT save Teri
Evelyn4LC:	Well, at least Tom did apologize, I think. Do you think he was
sincere in that?
Teri Live:	Ramroch, didn't see parade.  Negative how?
LittlRed1:	I must say Teri I really admired your poise and dignity on the
Goldne Globes!
Teya:	You handled tom Arnold beautifully.All the radio stations up here in
Seattle were saying so
EEganWA:	If it makes you feel better, Tom got smashed in Entertainment
Supergal17:	HEY Becky! / BATMAN!
Aud 4 LnC:	Teri, are you gettng used to your new haircut?
Leigh 4CK:	I liked you in SoapDish and Tango & Cash
IVbound:	Perhaps everyone could continue to kiss her as*
Bomber524:	Wendy!!!
MissyToo:	Teri, one of my "kids" I work with wants you to know he loves you
Superman92:	Tom is a no talent fool, enough said. :)
Fmc17:	teri you once said that dean was better looking, but I know alot of
guys who feel otherwise
CALLIE46:	Teri, are you looking for some great movie roles?
SoundSquaw:	Soapdish is the BEST!
Supergal17:	how's it going BECKY?
RAMROCH: said you and dean "weren't best friends" and that the show
wasn't one you could "sink yur te
Evelyn4LC:	IVbound, please be nice
Bomber524:	I agree dan!
RAMROCH:	teeth into!
Supergal17:	BS!  I came back!
Bomber524:	great, How are you wen, you sound very excited!
EEganWA:	So when are your movies opening?  I'm waiting.
Teri Live:	Well, that's sort of true, but not negative
SueY AMC:	Teri, I like the shorter hair for Lois this season.  It brings her
softer side better.
SoundSquaw:	Hi Supergal!
Bomber524:	have you heard from RICKS lately?
Supergal17:	well!  I CAN"T BELIEVE she ate a FROG!  <g>
Aud 4 LnC:	Teri, we're bombarding you with questions... but this is a really
cool thing that you're here.
Sun Go Kou:	I liked the longer hair.
MissyToo:	"More than birds love worms, & pigs love mud."  I said I'd tell you
if I ever got the chance
Superman92:	If I had to spend 15 hours a day with someone I might have a hard
time saying I'm his or her
Superman92:	best friend
Superman92:	:)
Evelyn4LC:	Teri, thank you for coming
RAMROCH:	guess...i always felt like lois is a tremendous role to showcase
your talent...i can't think of a bett
Sun Go Kou:	Dan, With Teri?  no way!  <g>
Superman92:	LOL
Supergal17:	TERI is here?  Hi Teri!  Great episode tonight!
RAMROCH:	better vehicle! comments?
LNL 80:	Teri, are you happy with this arc?
Bomber524:	you would like the longer hair Jeff, your a guy!! Us girls like
the managablility of short
JoylynH:	Teri, thank you so much for coming.
Nena1pcw:	Your so sweet for showing up here Teri
Bomber524:	hair!
Aud 4 LnC:	So, teri, do you have any cool gossip to share with the room?
MissyToo:	Dish, girl
Sun Go Kou:	Becky, I had long hair
Teri Live:	It is a great role.  But The tv medium can be limiting
Teya:	Teri, do you really know karate? If so, what style?
PORT54:	Teri, you said on E! you had theories on why guys liked your hair
Planet LC:	wendy bout time you woke up :)
CALLIE46:	TERI, what are you doing on your hiatus?  Any movies?
Fmc17:	I was lucky to meet dean and spend a day on the set, but I wonder if
he is a good kisser ?
Supergal17:	Hi cindy!  I love you too!  <g>
Nljfs:	Hi all
Nena1pcw:	Teri Please tell us Clark isn't going to sleep with the clone?
Superman92:	What kind of role are you looking in future movies?
Planet LC:	hi thanks
Teri Live:	I love this arc but I've been working to death with all these
Leigh 4CK:	Hi Nancy
RAMROCH:	thanks're a doll for answering so honestly..i still think
it's the best thing you'l ever do
MissyToo:	I wanna know if both you and Dean are finally rid of your colds!
Teri Live:	You'll have to watch
RAMROCH:	in a carreer that looks to be incredible!
Bomber524:	He sure looks like a great kisser, exp since he broke it off with
Sun Go Kou:	Teri, yeah, any more plans for a new movie?
Aud 3 LnC:	Teri - what's it like to work with Dice?
EEganWA:	Teri, got enough in you for another season?!
JMicha33:	I hope so
LNL 80:	I'm totally looking forward to riding this coaster :)
JoylynH:	Teri- OF COURSE we'll watch, that goes w/o saying. :)
Nljfs:	Hi Leigh... got my teri in bed, so I can come back..
Aud 4 LnC:	Teri, your wedding dress looked beautiful!
Evelyn4LC:	Teri, can't wait to see what's coming
Jax1Jax:	Teri , your the best, i hope one day i can be a great actress like
you!You're my idol!!!!
Nena1pcw:	Teri did you get any cards at Jay Leno's office?
Supergal17:	TERI---when are L&C for REAL going to get married?
Clark XX:	hello
Supergal17:	JEFFERY!
CALLIE46:	TERI, when is your next movie coming out?
Clark XX:	hi wen
Sun Go Kou:	Hi Jeff
SoundSquaw:	Clark - say hello to Teri
Bomber524:	Wen, don't even say I told you so!! Dean challenged you on that
IVbound:	I read you want to go back to school, when do you see this
Supergal17:	Teri is here Jeff!
Clark XX:	Who is Teri?
RAMROCH: last word on parade..jim brady had a negative slant on
it...highlighting your "friends" quot
Zoomway:	welcome to the spam Teri with questions hour
JoylynH:	I think L&C should've eloped the minute they decided to get married-
look at what happens to
Teri Live:	Heaven's Prisoners May 3 finally, and 2 days in the valley in Sept
Supergal17:	OH YEAH!  That is right beck!
SoundSquaw:	LOL Clark
Bomber524:	are you galactically stupid!
Supergal17:	LOL
Clark XX:	Hi BS
JoylynH:	them in their everyday lives
Sun Go Kou:	May 3! MArk your calendars!
MissyToo:	Why don't we let her answer a few?
Clark XX:	Next week, Lois looks so funny!
Supergal17:	Jeff--halarious!
MOney614:	Hello all
Teri Live:	The clone is a hoot
Superman92:	Must have been fun for you playing that crazy clone Lois
SoundSquaw:	Clark - Teri is REALLY here
Planet LC:	hey nancy just ot let you know i couldnt make it either
SueY AMC:	Teri, who is your favorite villain (character, not actor)?
Clark XX:	Jana-I have to say one thing, The Dog is BS!!!! <g>
Fmc17:	we all know that dean is really sexy, but is he a good kisser
Nena1pcw:	Teri how big is your part in Heaven's Prisoners
Supergal17:	Jeffffff
JMicha33:	Hoot, now there's a word I don't hear often..
Bomber524:	HUGE
RAMROCH:	teri...what did you think when the folcs starting going nuts about
this whole clone thing..?
Supergal17:	oh jeff and Jana, thanks for comeing to my party!
Sun Go Kou:	you lunkhead!  LOL
Aud 4 LnC:	yea, Teri, I love when you get to play yourelf as a double!!!!
Personalities are great!
Clark XX:	you wel wendy, it was fun
Bomber524:	Kath had a party tonight too
Teya:	TERI!!!! So do you know Karate?
Bomber524:	where is she anyways?
Supergal17:	Hey "LOIN"
Supergal17:	LION
Fmc17:	Teri do you know JANICE CARR ?
LindaKMc:	Teri,have you written your episode yet???When will it air??
Aud 4 LnC:	Teri, where did you study acting?
Supergal17:	sorry--misspelling is taking over!  LOL
SueY AMC:	Teri....  Are you still there?
LNL 80:	Teri, I love neurotic Lois.  LOL
Jax1Jax:	Your in great shape Teri, how do u keep so fit?
Teri Live:	Just turned in my first draft.  It's fun
Bomber524:	we loved Dean's eps!!1
Superman92:	She's probably taking a breath in between the suffocating
questions. :)
Planet LC:	Teri are all these questions driving you crazy? :)
ABC Amy:	Fmc: Do you know Janice Carr?
Supergal17:	hey FOLC's--stop interrigating her!  She will leave us!
Clark XX:	Has mel got here yet?
Planet LC:	dan gmta
SueY AMC:	By then, Lois has her memory back, I hope.
Fmc17:	yes
Nena1pcw:	Teri have you seen the Spanish version of Tie Me Up with Antonio
Bomber524:	where's kath????
Sun Go Kou:	Teri, Cool!  when can be expect to see it?
Clark XX:	I can't believe your here Teri, it's so much cooler here than IRC!
Jax1Jax:	Poor Teri, she must be gettin a headache w/all these questions
IVbound:	when are you see yourself going back to school?
ABC Amy:	You can thank Janice for getting the phone lines installed for all
the L&C chats : )
Fmc17:	I went to the set in the first season
MissyToo:	Thanks Janice!
Nljfs:	WEll, Teri... I enjoyed the episode...
Superman92:	At least this isn't one long scroll like on IRC :)
IVbound:	I forgot the English language
CALLIE46:	TERI, any plans to write a movie?
JoylynH:	Than you Janice
JMicha33:	Thanks Janice Carr
Jax1Jax:	thans Janice!
SueY AMC:	How often do you come back to Sunnyvale?
Nljfs:	And I am really looking forward to next week from the previews...
Teya:	I wouldn't want to be Teri right now. Maybe for a kissing scene with CK
but not now
Bomber524:	I went to the set a week before Teri's birthday!!
Clark XX:	I am soooo bummed, I missed the Ent. Tonight segment!!  =(
Fmc17:	I am not janice I just now her
Sun Go Kou:	Teri, when can we expect your ep to air?
Supergal17:	it was the EXTRA segment Jeff
Clark XX:	Beck, =)
Supergal17:	ET wasn't on tonite
Superman92:	Jeff, now that's you've seen the episode, it's not that big of
deal. :)
Teri Live:	It will air in May
Clark XX:	I think both wen
Aud 4 LnC:	I've been to the set as well.... second season... right before the
new planet set ws revealed...
RAMROCH:	teri..any scoop you want to give us on what's going to hapen next?
MissyToo:	It was funny when Dean said he couldn't say if they get married,
then raised his hands
MissyToo:	in front of his face
Fmc17:	what is your episode about ?
Wild T 66:	Teri, I really admire your acting work.  You have the ability to
play such a wide range of emotions
MissyToo:	and was wearing a wedding band
Aud 4 LnC:	ditto wild!!!  Teri, you are a great range of emotion
Clark XX:	When Clark was pouring the wine at the end, I freaked out, I
thought "it" had happened
CALLIE46:	TERI, are you going to do your own re-writes?
Supergal17:	I think that L&C will be split up in the end of the season like I
told Dean in DEC!!
SueY AMC:	I could not find Extra in my area, either.  They had it in
Sacramento.  I'm in S.F. area.
Wild T 66:	and styles. The nuances you add to Lois are what make me watch the
Jax1Jax:	I agree wild, Teri is theee BEST!
Fmc17:	did you really wear the garders that extra gave you
Nena1pcw:	Your dress was lovely teri
Bomber524:	Jeff, you sound so innocent!
Superman92:	LOL
Clark XX:	hehehehehe
EEganWA:	You are the emotional focal point of the show, thanks!
MissyToo:	Teri, tell him we're watching closer than he thinks!
Teya:	Teri are you o-kay?
Nljfs:	Teri -- Over on teh IRC, Paul said taht the frogs tasted great... did
Bomber524:	***You bet your sweet chunpy I am!!***
Clark XX:	I liked the wedding vows!!!  Clark sure didn't have much to say
Supergal17:	Remember?  "You wanna bet?"  --->dean said that!  I said  "Are
you challenging me?"
Supergal17:	LOL
IVbound:	where did you go Lois?
Superman92:	hehehe
Aud 3 LnC:	Chumpy?
RAMROCH:	teri..what was your fav scene from tonight's ep?
SueY AMC:	That wedding ceremony was so short!
Jax1Jax:	that was pretty wierd watching u have frog legs stickin out of your
Aud 3 LnC:	chunpy.
Leigh 4CK:	But so sad and what a disapointment he married the wrong Lois. :-(
Teri Live:	I'm here
Sun Go Kou:	yup
Sun Go Kou:	I'm lagging!
Supergal17:	There is no such word as CHUMPY!
Teri Live:	Liked the toast scene
Bomber524:	WANNA BET?
Teri Live:	Liked the scene at the end
SueY AMC:	That toast scene was lovely.
Superman92:	Twas muy bien. :)
StaceyTG:	When the wedding scene was so short, I knew it couldn't be for
Planet LC:	but there should be wendy!
Nena1pcw:	I'm glad the ceremony was short seeing as it was with the clone
MissyToo:	I missed the shower/bachelor party stuff... it would've been funny
Aud 4 LnC:	You GO Teri!!! That toasting scene rocked!!!!!
JMicha33:	I thought the Toast scene was great
RAMROCH:	cause you got to drink a lot of wine?
Bomber524:	the toast scene was very WAFFY
Supergal17:	<g>
LNL 80:	Someone is a chump, therefore he's chumpy!
SueY AMC:	Stacey, you are right.
Fmc17:	anybody would teri
CALLIE46:	Loved the "Showgirls" slam.
Leigh 4CK:	Also the scene when Clark called Lois "honey." Waitin' for him to
call her "Pumpkin." <g>
Superman92:	I Lov Teri, say hello to Teri. :)
Clark XX:	That showgirls line was so funny
Sun Go Kou:	Dan, is Teri on IRC too?
Aud 4 LnC:	ditto calli... That showgirls line was fabulous
Superman92:	I'm not on IRC right now
Jax1Jax:	Teri, are u at home right now?  are u startin to do online more now?
Zoomway:	Wow, I'm clocking 20 questions a second<g>
Fmc17:	dean cain is so sexy
Sun Go Kou:	oh
LNL 80:	LOL Dan
JoylynH:	Teri- I absolutely adored you in the scene in That Old Gang of Mine
when Lois thought Clark
Teya:	Teri, my honey is dying to know if you really know karate. Sorry to be
a nag.
IVbound:	I am going to college next year. Can I expect to see you in the
class with me?
Planet LC:	i never think the same way of the scrabble dictionary :)
JoylynH:	ws dead and she came to work b/c she had nothing else to do- I
Teri Live:	I'm home and gettin ready for bed.  Wanted to say hi,  It's a big
night for  the show
RAMROCH:	teri..what other terms of endearment should clark call lois?
Evelyn4LC:	Thanks for coming
Aud 3 LnC:	What are you wearing?
SueY AMC:	Teri, I have never seen 42 people in this room before.
Aud 4 LnC:	Teri, on Friday night, Aud 3 LnC and I went to a party dressed up
Lois and Clark!!! It was great!
Supergal17:	i bet Teri!
Bomber524:	Wendy, drive over to her house!!
Sun Go Kou:	Teri, you bet!
StaceyTG:	Teri: Any idea how the ratings were tonight?
Teri Live:	No I don't really do karate.  but I'm pretty coordinated
Nena1pcw:	Big night for the fans too Teri
Supergal17:	BECKY!
Bomber524:	Rating are going to be a hit!!
MissyToo:	I like "My little tornado"..
Clark XX:	not a good suggeston beck
HANGERMAN1:	Goodnight Teri.  Keep up the good work. Thanks for coming.  =^)
Aud 3 LnC:	Actually, Aud 3's roomate went.
Jax1Jax:	u r the best Teri, it show us how much u care 4 your fans
JMicha33:	Good note Nena
CALLIE46:	TERI, is Jon still filming "Phantom"?
Aisw4:	no way to no about ratings two hours after the show aired
SueY AMC:	Yeah, Little Tornado.  And Clark meant it.
IVbound:	Don't leave us.
Sun Go Kou:	Teri, do you still lurk on IRC?
Supergal17:	SUPER DREAMS!
Teya:	Thank you, Teri!!! He says you do a good job of faking it!
RAMROCH:	teri..any other terms of endearment?  *loved the ep*
Teri Live:	Can't irc i have to pay some fee
Supergal17:	Becky--->MOOOO
Bomber524:	Wen, the screen is scrolling fast enough that that won't matter :)
Aud 3 LnC:	Teri, what are you wearing as you prepare for bed?
Supergal17:	<VBG>
SoundSquaw:	Teri - We all really appreciate your taking the time to join us
Fmc17:	teri will you tell dean that the girl who visited on the set on march
17 1994 still thinks
Fmc17:	he is sexy
Clark XX:	oh dog! Aud shut up!
Aud 4 LnC:	Yoda, you're horrible!
Bomber524:	ouch
Nena1pcw:	Teri do us a favor on the Letterman show say a special hi to us
Aud 3 LnC:	Who's Yoda?
Superman92:	What a night!  :)  Frogs, clones, and Teri online. :)
MissyToo:	Sweet dreams...
Zoomway:	Aud, you sound like an obsene phone call<g>
Jax1Jax:	Teri, soes JUSTIN WHALIN have a GIRLFRIEND???His smile is adorable!
is he nice in real life?
SueY AMC:	Year, 42 people.  That's how big tonight is for fans.
CALLIE46:	TERI, when are you finished the season?
Planet LC:	lol dan
Planet LC:	your lucky i didnt have my sister call you :)
Teri Live:	April 8?
Aud 3 LnC:	Yeah, Aud 4. Obscene.
Aud 4 LnC:	yea Teri, thanks a bunch for making my day!  This was a neat
experience talking to you on line!
RAMROCH:	thanks for coming're a "muffin" the cutest tornado i ever
IVbound:	can I expect to see you at college with me withint he next 4 years?
Yale maybe?
JoylynH:	Teri, thank you so much for coming.  42 people, wow.
Bomber524:	Kath should be here!!!
IVbound:	English is a problem for me tonight.  Must be nerves.
Aisw4:	IVBOund: I'd rather see her on the big screen
CALLIE46:	TERI, are you doing a movie this summer?
Supergal17:	Jeff---I wonder if the YELLOW ROSES are still alive that we gave
TERI in Dec!
Sun Go Kou:	Teri, if you ever go back and teach, I'll be the first one to
take that class.  :)
Superman92:	LOL
Clark XX:	Kath is going to commit suicide and overdose on "Ri cola" when she
sees she missed Teri
Teya:	Maybe you should learn karate for all those psycho AOL stalker guys  :)
Teri Live:	Probably, but I don't talk about it till it's set
Nena1pcw:	Teri are you nervous about Letterman ?
Bomber524:	If not, we'll give her more in AUG>
Fmc17:	is your husband with you teri
Bomber524:	LOL JEFF
Clark XX:	Yes, more roses on the way!  =)
RAMROCH:	so personal fmc!
Bomber524:	did you get my ri cola in the mail?
Supergal17:	YELLOW roses!
Superman92:	Teri, what kind of flowers to you prefer?  :)
Clark XX:	yes, LOL!
Sun Go Kou:	Definitely, we'll send more next time
Clark XX:	Beck, thanks for the L&C soundtrack!  I love it!!!
CALLIE46:	TERI, what would be your ideal role?
Teri Live:	tulips
Aud 3 LnC:	Why doesn't everybody shut up and let Teri talk?
Fmc17:	well he is very good looking and I wanted to tell him
Supergal17:	they should make BLUE roses!  We could give her Yellow, red and
Bomber524:	this time we'll hopefully hand-deliver the YELLOW ROSES though~
JMicha33:	Tlips?
Aud 4 LnC:	Teri, do you ever make any planned public appearances?
Sun Go Kou:	Tulips it will be
SueY AMC:	Teri, are you do the typing yourself?
Bomber524:	TULIPS, hummm
Clark XX:	of course beck!!
JMicha33:	I Can spell too
Planet LC:	aud us folcs shut up, we never stop talking
Clark XX:	with the chocolates again!  =)
Jax1Jax:	aren't u tired Teri? Poor thing!
Zoomway:	she really could send him taxiing down the runway
LuvMnWhFly:	Prepare for a lot of tulips
Bomber524:	Kath loves tulips too
Bomber524:	carmels for DEANO
Aud 3 LnC:	Why doesn't everyone at least compose intelligent phrases?
Aud 4 LnC:	thanks planet... i'm not to keen on mr. aud 3  in this room
SueY AMC:	Boy, my grammer is going down the tubes while the screen goes up in
a hurry.
Superman92:	LOL
Clark XX:	Mel is going to go ballistic!!!  I hope she got home okay
Fmc17:	do you have to go to work in the morning
Nena1pcw:	Happy Valentines Day a little early Teri
RAMROCH:	teri..that last scene with you eating the frog was so well
done...really frightening!
JMicha33:	43 and counting
Teri Live:	Have to work at six am
Bomber524:	and a white angel for his angel chick, DEAD ROSES for ANTHONY!!!
GTMacgyver:	Hi are on Entertainment Tonight as I type....
Planet LC:	your welcome aud r
Planet LC:	oops 4
SoundSquaw:	Clark - what time did you guys get home?
LuvMnWhFly:	Give our best to the cast and staff
Superman92:	Yipes!  May the caffeine fairy smile upon you. :)
Clark XX:	oooh! six doesn't sound pretty
Sun Go Kou:	Poor Teri, had to get up so early
Cyrax0001:	Teri:  Outstanding episode!  Thanks!
IVbound:	Gee, i'll be in school then
Teri Live:	I thought the last scene was creepy too.  That's why I liked it
RAMROCH:	so nice of you to come..if i had to work at six..i'd be sleeping by
4 p.m.!
Clark XX:	BS-at 9!!!!!  We had to call on a pay phone to get someone to tape
it for us!
Aud 3 LnC:	Wah.
StaceyTG:	Teri: I just wanted to say you're great on the show. Hope it opens
many doors for you!
Jax1Jax:	Dang, that 's soooo early Teri!i have problems gettin up at noon:)
JMicha33:	Atta Girl Teri!!!
CALLIE46:	TERI, do you like Martha Coolidge's work?
Evelyn4LC:	Teri, terrific job, great ep tonight
LindaKMc:	Thank you Teri for a wonderful performance tonite as always
Bomber524:	43 poeple!!!
Teya:	So does Clark consummate the marriage with the clone??!!
Teri Live:	Yes loved rambling rose
Jax1Jax:	you're funny Teri!
I Lov Teri:	Teri, great job with this are wonderful
Aud 4 LnC:	teya... i hope not... that would be really scary
Clark XX:	remember, the clone is "exhausted" next week
Teri Live:	Teya, that would be awful.  I'd kill her
SueY AMC:	Next couple of eps should be the showcase of your talent.
Zoomway:	<g>
Nljfs:	lol teri
Bomber524:	Go for it!
SoundSquaw:	LOL Teri
Aud 4 LnC:	lol teri
Superman92:	heehee
RAMROCH:	the clone must die!
Planet LC:	yah ter just beat her over the head with a frog :)
Aud 3 LnC:	Could I get one of those clones somewhere?
PORT54:	Teri, you seem to have a gift for comedy, do  you enjoy it?
Bomber524:	give her a poison frog???
Teri Live:	love comedy
SoundSquaw:	Shoot her with the dart gun
Jax1Jax:	yeah, u r funny Teri!
LNL 80:	Let's send the clone to alternate Clark!
SueY AMC:	I would die if Clark does it with the clone.
Bomber524:	LOL Aud3
Clark XX:	LOL!!!  The mother was funny when she had the gun
Sun Go Kou:	SS, and say "Quit it!"  LOL!
Leigh 4CK:	Definitely have to kill the clone if she learns CK's Superman.
Aud 4 LnC:	Teri - did you enjoy your stint on Seinfeld?
Teri Live:	Are there any darts left in that gun?
RAMROCH:	it think the clone should do showgirls: the sequel
I Lov Teri:	Teri, if you dont get nominated for an Emmy this year, they will
hear about it from me....
Nena1pcw:	Put her in front of a Budweiser can
Aisw4:	thinks there should be more clones of Teri
Bomber524:	yeah, great idea LNL
JoylynH:	LNL80- good idea (LOL)
SoundSquaw:	LOL
RAMROCH:	me too i lov teri!
LittlRed1:	You were fabulous in Soapdish Teri!
Jax1Jax:	you are pretty good w/that dart gun teri
IVbound:	could you possibly explain why the television was on Luthor
Television when he is jail for 983 years?
CRUSS76:	Hey Lois and Clark people
Bomber524:	There are always a ton of bullets left over <g>
Clark XX:	BS-how is your room? clean???
CALLIE46:	TERI, what's your fave movie?
Clark XX:	Beck-LOL!!!!!!
JMicha33:	44
Teya:	Good one Nena
Aisw4:	I wonder how Heather Locklear can get a Golden Globe nomination and
Teri can't? Whatzup?
SueY AMC:	Yeah, send it to the alternate world.
Aud 4 LnC:	hi knfv
CRUSS76:	What is going on in here?
JMicha33:	45
Teri Live:	t
StaceyTG:	Don't clones die anyway if they don't eat enough frogs?
SueY AMC:	That dart gun was funny.  If he moves, shoot him.
Aud 3 LnC:	t?
Evelyn4LC:	Cruss, Teri is here
Sun Go Kou:	t?
Bomber524:	Kath is going to kill herself
MissyToo:	Nahhh, they just croak
RAMROCH:	right aisw4..kinda cheapens the whole award show thing!
Clark XX:	Maybe if Teri did her hair really bad and dyed it blonde she could
get a nominee like HEather!  <eg>
ABaston:	when is part 2 ?
SueY AMC:	Teri Live is Teri herself.
CRUSS76:	for real?
IceCat78:	Hello everyone!
Aud 4 LnC:	Teri must be tired...
LNL 80:	LOL Missy
ABC Amy:	LOL Clark XX!
Superman92:	Even Teri can make a typo.. sheesh you guys!  :)
Cyrax0001:	Teri, what was it like working with Tony Curtis?
Aisw4:	RAMROCH: that and the fact that Dr. Quinn wins
Aud 4 LnC:	lol clarkXX
Leigh 4CK:	IV, the clone President pardoned Lex for all his past crimes
Superman92:	Mel, say hi to Teri
Pontellier:	Hello!
Clark XX:	MEL!!!!!!
IVbound:	do you want her to leave Aud?
Wild T 66:	46 people
Aud 4 LnC:	leigh, that's really scary, too
RAMROCH:	teri..why do you think the show has never been nominated?
MissyToo:	How can she answer if we won't shut up?
Clark XX:	Mel, Teri is here!!!!! Augh!  WE must shoot ourselves now!
Bomber524:	Jeff~~~ you rock!!  Do you by any chance need a couple gallons of
Jax1Jax:	Teri should be nominated 4 somethin, she's only 10times better than
lots of other actresses
Pontellier:	Hi Teri!!!
CRUSS76:	TERI, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zoomway:	Aud wanted to know what she was wearing to bed....oy<g>
Teri Live:	Tony is a legend.  He improvised everything.  Very sweet.  I was
Clark XX:	hehehee! yes, as a matter of fact
Aud 4 LnC:	iv, no!
I Lov Teri:	but Teri is alot better actress then Jane...or that geritol Lady
Nena1pcw:	Teri do you know if Dean shaves his chest?
Aud 3 LnC:	I still want to know.
CALLIE46:	TERI, what's been your fave ep this season.
Teya:	There's got to be some hidden meaning in "t"
MissyToo:	Nena, some things should be secret  :)
JoylynH:	47
RAMROCH:	loved the scene where tony came on to you that
SueY AMC:	Year, Teri, what is your favorite ep this season?
Sun Go Kou:	Teri, just remember, I'm the president of you fan club.  :)
Clark XX:	Who are you lunkheads asking some of these questions??? <g>
Bomber524:	LOL
Sun Go Kou:	"Lunkhead?"
JMicha33:	Who directs next weeks episode?
Aud 3 LnC:	Teri, do you have any more letters of wisdom?
Leigh 4CK:	Clark XX, be nice
Teri Live:	don't have a fav ep
Aisw4:	If Teri nevers receives a acting nomination from anybody, it's a giant
Clark XX:	Mel, how was you day?????  Still smacking on the ****?
RAMROCH:	only inthe best sense of the word..
LuvMnWhFly:	Loved you in the Ultra Woman ep
IVbound:	Are you surprised there are that many people on when the dopest
women in primetime is on?
Aud 4 LnC:	Teri - how long are your normal work days?
PORT54:	If you get questions like some of these when you're in public, it
must make you want to hide
Clark XX:	I am always nice!  =)
Pontellier:	I'm still smacking on the ****!!!!!
CraigByrne:	Hi everyone
Jax1Jax:	gosh Teri you are so good 2 your fans by just bein here
Superman92:	Here come the questions again....
Sun Go Kou:	Loved the Penny Parker roll
Teri Live:	loved Penny, but alas she's gone
LuvMnWhFly:	Hi Craig
Aud 4 LnC:	hi crayg
Leigh 4CK:	Teri, your Lucy was absolutely perfect. You even looked just like
SueY AMC:	Teri, what is your favorit line?  Before and after knowing CK=S.
Aud 4 LnC:	craig
RAMROCH:	agreed jax!
Teri Live:	fourteen hours
Bomber524:	oh no, its R&S man
Wild T 66:	Teri, we really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us.
Pontellier:	Hi Wendy!
Cyrax0001:	I hope you don't plan on getting out of here tonight Teri!  :)
ABaston:	when's coming part 2 wedding? i know lex luthor is back from out of
the jail. he kidnapped
ABaston:	lois.
Supergal17:	HI MELANEE!
RAMROCH:	teri..please tel us why L&C never gets unfair!
IceCat78:	Hi Teri!
Aud 4 LnC:	thanks for the info Teri
Jax1Jax:	Teri , did it feel wierd being Ultrawomen, wearing that costume?
Teya:	Teri, it's so cool that you're here. Thanks
Aud 3 LnC:	14 hours!!!! When do you sleep!!?!? (And what do you wear?)
Clark XX:	Oh Bs, miss Bs, are you here???
MissyToo:	Because it's fantasy... and they're snobs!
CRUSS76:	This is really nice of you Teri!!!!!!!  You are great!!!!
Supergal17:	Guess WHAT?  My computer froze and I had to reboot my Computer!
Teri Live:	eight o'clock time slot I guess.  Not a drama not a comedy.  Too
SoundSquaw:	I'm here
Pontellier:	That sucks
MissyToo:	As if all of TV wasn't fantasy
CraigByrne:	Teri, how much longer do you think you'd like to be doing L&C?
Planet LC:	wendy you know everyone know you were coming back here so they all
came :)
Pontellier:	Howdy SS!!!!  <g>
RAMROCH:	moonlighting got nominated there;s hope
EEganWA:	Have enough in you for another season?!
Aud 4 LnC:	48!
SoundSquaw:	Hi Pontellier
LNL 80:	I HATE 8 pm time slot!
I Lov Teri:	Let's give Teri a chance to say some thing...
Clark XX:	Fmx, I think Mel can answer that question!  =)
Supergal17:	thanks Planet!
PORT54:	Yes, thanks for sharing your time . . . and  your talent every week.
IVbound:	relax with the numbers
Teri Live:	maybe one more year.
CALLIE46:	TERI, are Eugenie and Brad sticking around for another season?
Pontellier:	LOL
Bomber524:	get over it FMC, or ask Pontellier, she has intimate knowledge of
some of Dean!!
Supergal17:	Jana, her name is Melanee!  <g>
Jax1Jax:	Teri , imagine havin to wear ultrawomen costume everyday, how would
that be?
Leigh 4CK:	It's too bad the show isn't a 10 p.m. show has DJL originally
Sun Go Kou:	Teri, one more year?  We want more!
Planet LC:	welcome wendy\
Teri Live:	Callie, I hope so,  They are brilliant
Pontellier:	LOL
Superman92:	"I'm grabbing your leg"
RAMROCH:	teri...what did you more year?
Bomber524:	I love that pic mel
Nena1pcw:	What happened to Star Teri ??
IceCat78:	lol
Teri Live:	I really wear it for me.  but he likes it
Zoomway:	1 less than 2, Ram
Clark XX:	MEl, any luck finding any tatoos?
CALLIE46:	We think so too.  John's scripts have been great this season too.
Teya:	Cucumber oil?
CraigByrne:	10PM is too late for L&C
Pontellier:	Hey I didn't touch anything between his leg and waist!!! I just
want to get that straight!
Pontellier:	<g>
Planet LC:	yeah star wasnt at the wedding :(
Leigh 4CK:	Zoomy, :-D
Sun Go Kou:	Teri, does Dean still eat chicken when you are doing the kissing
scene? <g>
Teri Live:	Yes macnamara is great too
Clark XX:	And what about the hug Mel???
CraigByrne:	Star should have been at the wedding... Scardino, Cat, and Jimmy
#1 too <G>
Bomber524:	but you wished that you did MEL!~!!
Supergal17:	TERI----When are L&C going to get married for real??
RAMROCH:	you mean only one more season for you teri?
LNL 80:	No way, Craig...It's perfect.
PORT54:	Both of John McNamara's scripts were great this year.  Your favorite?
Jax1Jax:	Teri , if u ever left Lois and Clark, it just wouldn't be the same,
i don't think i'd watch
Pontellier:	Next time Becky!!!!  <g>
Teri Live:	The actress who plays star is having a baby
Bomber524:	LOL
IVbound:	how are you picking which wuestions to answer Lois?
Clark XX:	When would that be Mel?
Supergal17:	becky=batman!
Superman92:	Teri, do you ever get tired of the questions just shooting at you
by the gazillions? <g>
Pontellier:	Hi teri!!!!  Again
Planet LC:	star could of predicted the clone thing so it would of never
happened :)
Aisw4:	Teri: wasn't starr in ALl Tied Up with you
Bomber524:	<----- can't wait till AUG!!
RAMROCH:	teri...please  put our minds at ease about this one more year
business..what do you mean?
Pontellier:	Very soon Jeff!!
Aud 4 LnC:	Wow!  That's great Teri!  Will star be back this season?
Supergal17:	I met DEAN and TERI and JUSTIN!
Nena1pcw:	Yes she was
Clark XX:	Woah, Fmc is going off
StaceyTG:	I thought Star looked pregnant. We never saw her waist.
MissyToo:	Tell Olivia congrats on the bambino!
CRUSS76:	Where was Lois at toward the end of the show tonight?
Leigh 4CK:	Maybe you should have Lois wake up and it turns out CK marrying
the clone was just a
Leigh 4CK:	nightmare
Clark XX:	Wendy, didn't we all?  =)
CRUSS76:	The real Lois?
Pontellier:	Help....tooo....many....people......
MissyToo:	Or Clark walks out of the shower...   :)
Aud 4 LnC:	ditto leigh 4ck
Supergal17:	Jeff---you didnt meet TERI!
Bomber524:	I met DEAN also FMC!!1 But I doubt either one of us knows him as
well as MEL!!!
CALLIE46:	TERI, any chance you're going to the Oscars?
SueY AMC:	When Teri leaves, they cannot recast the role.  Teri is our Lois.
Sun Go Kou:	We should bring chickens fo Teri next time, according to Dean on
Extra, Teri loved it!
Clark XX:	Well, no, but I saw her!!  But I did meet Deano and justin.
Sun Go Kou:	is that right Teri?
Supergal17:	Mel--who grabbed his hip!!  and LEG!
Teri Live:	Not this year
Pontellier:	LOL  Let's not fight over who had a better time!  Teri is
Jax1Jax:	i agree sue
Planet LC:	<----hates it out in IL cuz you freeze and dont meet anyone
important :)
Aud 4 LnC:	Teri - the LACMA festival your first season was great, anything
like that happening again?
CraigByrne:	Teri, your scenes with Beverly Garland tonight were hilarious =^)
Supergal17:	AMEN Melanee!
CALLIE46:	Neither are we, maybe next year, when our movie is done.
Clark XX:	LOL mel!!!  how could we complain, we had such a wonderful day!  =)
RAMROCH:	zoom..what does teri mean one more year?
Bomber524:	If Kath ever gets here tell her hi!!
Teri Live:	She's great.  I like lois having a mom
Fmc17:	GAME
Zoomway:	Ram, I'd guess like a 4th season
Nena1pcw:	Teri are you going to be doing any more Presenting on Award show
Clark XX:	Lay of the cap lock
Superman92:	I'm wondering if she remembers some freaks in Superman
Twin Lions:	Teri, Brad and Eugenie say it's bedtime
SueY AMC:	Not with Tom Arnold, I hope.
Pontellier:	LOL  Jeff, do you remember when Lois's mom said "This has been
the worst day..."  I was LOL
Supergal17:	how about the academy awards!
Bomber524:	Thanks for coming Teri, it's been a blast chatting with you!
RAMROCH:	teri...are you saying there won't be a fifth season..say it ain't
Sun Go Kou:	that's us!  <g>
EEganWA:	One more year...we should feel lucky to have her.
Jax1Jax:	Teri, son't ever quit, we'll convince them to PAY YOU ALL U
WANT.okays>sound good?
Clark XX:	Teri, I was at the Americna Music Awards, I missed you!  =)
Aud 4 LnC:	LACMA=Los Angeles County Museum of Art
LuvMnWhFly:	Lay off Teri and the one more year. Nothing is certain.....
Aud 3 LnC:	Anyone catch "The Simpsons" tonight?
Teri Live:	Twin lions who are you
Sun Go Kou:	Jeff, you were?
Pontellier:	Yeah, we missed you at the awards show Teri
IceCat78:	lol
Clark XX:	funny
CraigByrne:	Aud3: =^O !!  Blasphemer! <G>
Supergal17:	Hey SS----FROG!
Twin Lions:	Teri, it's me, one of your favoirte exec producers
Supergal17:	hey mel--DOG!
Teya:	Good one AUD.... Simpsons heeheehee
LNL 80:	That's what I was wondering, Teri.
Aud 4 LnC:	thank you craig
Clark XX:	Jeff2, yes.  sorry , but I haven't sent the mail on that cuz it's
at school
Teri Live:	I finished my revised first draft so I can stay up as long as I
Planet LC:	aud 4 now i see why you are annoyed with 3 :)
LNL 80:	Wow, it's a L&C convention!
Aud 4 LnC:	good for you teri
Nena1pcw:	You go Girl
SueY AMC:	Hooray for the first draft.
Zoomway:	mwa ha ha
JMicha33:	Teri, so does Chris, Phil and Jim
PORT54:	Teri, your scenes with Martha and tonight with Ellen are great. I
hope we see more!
Supergal17:	wasn't that funny SS---you were the FROG in our animal game!
What a coincidence!
Pontellier:	Jeff, I haven't heard any Mariah yet!  woo hoo
Sun Go Kou:	Jeff, ok
Twin Lions:	Eugenie says it's way past your bedtime
CALLIE46:	Eugenie and Brad, we were just talking about you.
EEganWA:	Teri, with this writing going, have you thought about directing?
Aud 3 LnC:	Annoyed with three? Nonsense. 4 loves me.
Leigh 4CK:	Good for you Teri, go girl! You tell him how late you can stay up.
Teri Live:	I'm never coming here again.  I can't get away from you people
Clark XX:	LOL mel!!!!  I bet TEri likes MARIAH!!! Hey Teri, do you like
Mariah Carey??? PLEASE say yes! =)
RAMROCH:	teri...please tell me what one more year's bugging're not coming back for
Jax1Jax:	u jam teri!!
RAMROCH:	a fifth!?
Aud 4 LnC:	lol teri!!!!
Pontellier:	Frog!  Lion!
Superman92:	LOL!
IceCat78:	this is a madhouse
Nena1pcw:	Thats cause we love you Teri
CRUSS76:	Please do come back, Teri
ABC Amy:	Don't let them scare you away Teri : )
CraigByrne:	Hey Teri, how about sending the clone Lois to live with lonely
Clark from Tempus's world?
SueY AMC:	Don't say that, Teri.  You must come back.
SoundSquaw:	:)
Sun Go Kou:	Teri, if you can't get away, stay with us. :)
Zoomway:	Ram, get a grip or I'll have to cyberly smakc you <G>
Pontellier:	Teri, you like Smashing pumpkins right??
Clark XX:	Mariah! stop messing with her mal!  =)
Supergal17:	who mel?
Twin Lions:	True, we are everywhere, but I guess we're stuck with each other
Clark XX:	mal=mel
Aisw4:	RAMROCH: probably all depends on money
MissyToo:	I think Teri should be able to get a word in edgewise... but can we
stand it?   <G>
CALLIE46:	Brad, how many more episodes  did you guys write this season?
Teya:	The Beatles I bet
SueY AMC:	Then again, that lonely Clark was a nice guy.  He deserves better
than that clone Lois.
Superman92:	Eugenie, nice job in the traffic argument. :)
Supergal17:	Mel---moooo
Sun Go Kou:	who's Twin Lions?
EEganWA:	Branching out beyond writing?!
LNL 80:	Twin...LOVED tonight's episode!
LindaKMc:	How long did it take to write your script???  have you written for
TV before?/
RAMROCH:	well're the she saying she's not coming back
even if the show's renewed for 5th
Clark XX:	touch mel, she doesn't like Mariah or Smashing
Pontellier:	Oh well
Twin Lions:	Callie, I love your taste in scripts
Leigh 4CK:	Poor Clarkie and Lois, his wedding day destroyed. And his wedding
night... Ouch!!
Nena1pcw:	Twin Lions we want more merchandise from L&C to buy Please
RAMROCH:	brad buckner...a god!
Bomber524:	Teri needs anything but beauty sleep
Jax1Jax:	who are your favorite singers anyways Teri?
Zoomway:	Ram, I don't sleep under her bed! sheesh, if I had a bed to pick
though..never mind<g>
CRUSS76:	What kind of music do you like, Teri?
SueY AMC:	Twin Lions, I want a T-shirt.
IVbound:	so, when do you want to go out Teri?
Clark XX:	I thought we settled it, she loves Mariah!  <vbg>
CraigByrne:	<-- wants a L&C soundtrack =^)
Evelyn4LC:	Zoom, LOL
Pontellier:	"And what about, breakfast at tiffanys"  Hey since we didn't hear
it today, I'll sing it <g>
Aud 4 LnC:	lol sue
Aud 3 LnC:	Geez. I gotta get a room like this for my show.
Jax1Jax:	good question cruss'
CraigByrne:	Teri's married <G>
SueY AMC:	Why not more L&C merchandise?
LNL 80:	LOL Zommie
CRUSS76:	thanks
CALLIE46:	BRAD, ask Bob if he got a gift last week.
Aud 4 LnC:	aud3- no one cares about the simpsons in here
Supergal17:	Jeff----guess what!  I don't have school tomorrow!  I am so
happy!  the DAY OFF!
Planet LC:	yes we need a soundtrack craig i am sick of making my own!
Leigh 4CK:	I'd take a Daily Planet or L&C coffee mug any day. Please sell
some soon
Clark XX:	Go Mel!!! " Found out about you!"  -watch for the 5 freeway!
IVbound:	I know she's married, but it does not matter to me
RAMROCH:	thanks zoom..doesn't make me feel better, but thanks anyway!
Pontellier:	Where's Kathy!?!
Aud 4 LnC:	L&C mugs would be great!!!
Aisw4:	yes Craig, to the luckiest man next to O.J.
Clark XX:	I got an L&C mousepad made last weekend!
Pontellier:	"I didn't ask, you shouldn't have told me!"
Bomber524:	Kath is late...AGAIN!!!
JoylynH:	IVbound- I think it matters to her !!!!!!
Pontellier:	JEFF has a MUG!!!!
Clark XX:	And I have an L&C mug!  love it!
Supergal17:	take the 5 north to my house Jeff---in Burbank!
Aud 3 LnC:	Right. Just because I do Grandpa Simpson's voice, you think I
watched that? No way.
Supergal17:	LOL
Sun Go Kou:	Burbank, loved that name!  <g>
Bomber524:	We'll all meet in front of MERVENS
RAMROCH:	brad...if bob singer you take over?
SueY AMC:	47 people now.
Clark XX:	Thanks mel!  Have you ever seen my mug???  =)
Pontellier:	Oh no, Kath has to come tonight
Clark XX:	of course, and wendy will be supergal
IVbound:	oh relax, I am not expecting her to suddenly leave her husband for
Aud 3 LnC:	t?
CRUSS76:	Who is Clark XX?
LNL 80:	So, anyone else lurking from the show?
Supergal17:	Burbank is the best town to LIVE IN!  Home of WB
Teri Live:	Ok, that's good night for me
IceCat78:	age/sex check.
Clark XX:	Jeff=ClarkXX
Twin Lions:	Eugenie and Brad say good night all and thanks for watching
Supergal17:	Clark XX= Jeff
RAMROCH:	nooooooo!~
Teri Live:	Glad you liked the episode
PORT54:	Goodnight and thanks!
Sun Go Kou:	Good night Teri
CraigByrne:	Goodnight L&C people, thanks for visiting!
Superman92:	Goodnight E&G!
I Lov Teri:	nite Teri
Pontellier:	NO way Teri!  Well, Good night!
Teya:	Thank you so much Teri!\
EEganWA:	Thanks for stopping by Teri!
Superman92:	:)
Clark XX:	Mirror image wen
CRUSS76:	Bye Teri, Love you
Sun Go Kou:	come back soon!
Nena1pcw:	Bye Teri thanks again for soming tonight
Aud 4 LnC:	Thanks for coming in Teri!
MissyToo:	Thanks for the great show tonite, sleep well!
Aud 3 LnC:	Night, Teri.
SueY AMC:	Good night, Teri.  Thanks for stopping by.
Cyrax0001:	Have a good evening Teri.
SueY AMC:	Come again.
LNL 80:	Bye Teri, Eugenie and Brad.  Thanks.
Zoomway:	bye, teri, ooooh, and my favorite writers (not a suck up :)
JoylynH:	Good night Teri.
Pontellier:	Teri We found this lost dog.....oh never mind...
Aisw4:	muchas Gracias Teri
RAMROCH:	teri...thanks for coming on..and please do a fifth season if they
ask you too!
Planet LC:	scroll ride :) bye all
Clark XX:	Mel, you naughty gal
VGrif67790:	bye teri love your hair
Bomber524:	Kath we'll hate that she missed this Teri, e-mail her at
KATHABERRI and tell her hi
Bomber524:	PLEASE
Sun Go Kou:	Thanks for all tje great work you put in the show. Teri, Keep is
Teri Live:	Re: next weeks the clone said "prepare to be stunned" :)
Leigh 4CK:	'Nite Teri, thanks for coming
IceCat78:	bye Teri
Cyrax0001:	Yo, Fmc17, hit that caps lock button once
LindaKMc:	Thanks Teri for chattting!!!
SoundSquaw:	LOL Teri
Supergal17:	oh yeah!  THANKS TERI!
RAMROCH:	you're good ter...such a tease!
Fmc17:	ok
Aud 4 LnC:	thanks teri for the gossip!!
Evelyn4LC:	Teri, thanks so much
Pontellier:	NO more frogs Teri!
Zoomway:	Teri, Jim Maxwell says hi
Superman92:	LOL
Supergal17:	frog?  BS
Fmc17:	come back soon teri
CRUSS76:	Thank you Teri. You are the BEST
SoundSquaw:	I'm still here
Supergal17:	she left!
Bomber524:	she already gone!!!!!
Fmc17:	she is gone
CraigByrne:	Teri go bye-byes
Zoomway:	do you feel trampled, SS<G>
Sun Go Kou:	awww
Aud 4 LnC:	bu-buy
Aud 3 LnC:	Alas.
Pontellier:	Maybe, should we go in dEtail?
CRUSS76:	That was really cool
SoundSquaw:	Zoom LOL
LNL 80:	This was great!
Teya:	WOW She actually typed my name!
Supergal17:	SHE LEFT!
Clark XX:	No mel, just announce =)
Nena1pcw:	What a way to end the night!!!!
Bomber524:	I'm have to fly too!!!
Aud 4 LnC:	wow... what was great...
Evelyn4LC:	That was great that she took the time and energy to visit here
Zoomway:	too late spooky, she just left