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The Teri Hatcher Mailing List FAQ


1. General

2. The mailing list

3. Teri Hatcher

4. Lois & Clark

1. General

1.1 What is this FAQ's raison d'être?


1.2 Where can I get the latest version of this FAQ?

At http://www.stack.nl/~boris/Teri/FAQ.html.

1.3 Server-specific section

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2. The mailing list

2.1 What is "The Teri Hatcher Mailing List"?

A mailing list that was started a few years ago to give people the opportunity to discuss anything concerning Teri Hatcher. It resides at a server in the Netherlands. Management of subscribers' info is done by using http://lists.stack.nl/mailman/listinfo/hatcher.

2.4 Is the list down?

Some people, especially those that are used to large-volume lists like the one about Lois & Clark (although even that one has seen less volume since the series was cancelled), tend to panic if they do not receive message for a long time. For this list, regrettably, less than a message a month is normal. If you still suspect that the list is down after waiting a while, please contact the list administrator.

2.5 What kind of messages can I send to the list?

Almost anything regarding Teri Hatcher. The following postings are not allowed: pictures, "me too"/"me three"/etc., chain letters and insults. The list administrator may think of others, but if you use common sense, you should be fine.

2.6 Why can't I unsubscribe?

Maybe because you do not really want to unsubscribe? Seriously, though, you may already be unsubscribed. Either that, or you tried to unsubscribe from an address other than the subscribed one.

2.7 I think I may have been unsubscribed... Why?

If none of the above applies to you, ask the list administrator for help.

2.8 What about Lois & Clark?

Discussion on the list is allowed, as long as it pertains to Teri Hatcher. For more information, see section 4.

3. Teri Hatcher

3.1 Who is she?

If I though that was a serious question, I would be really worried about you. Ah well, if you insist: try questions 3.2 and 3.3.

3.2 Where can I find a biography?

3.3 Where can I find a filmography?

There are several around.

3.4 What other resources are there on the internet?

You can find a list of resources on my site.

4. Lois & Clark

4.1 Is there a mailing list?


4.2 Where can I find more infomation?

Lois & Clark -- the Web Server.

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