Stack IPv6 Number plan
  M.C.G.V. Stack, LG 0.22, PO Box 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven, 040 247 3402  

The assigned IPv6 address range is (expected to be):

2001::/16                    World-wide range
2001:600::/23                RIPE European addresses
2001:610::/35                SURFnet (Dutch academic network)
2001:610:1100::/48           University of Technology Eindhoven
2001:610:1100:5000::/52      MCGV Stack
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Currently the old 6Bone IPv6 address range is used as follows:

3ffe::/16                The 6bone
3ffe:600::/24            SURFnet (Dutch academic network)
3ffe:604:3::/48          University of Technology Eindhoven
3ffe:604:3:00:/52        MCGV Stack
3ffe:604:3:00::/64         Routers
3ffe:604:3:09::/64         MCGV Stack (primary net)
3ffe:604:3:10::/64         MCGV Stack (secondary net)
3ffe:604:3:11::/64         MCGV Stack member #1
3ffe:604:3:22::/64         MCGV Stack member #12

After SurfNet got into trouble with their BGP sessions on other networks, we decided to expand our network, requesting tunnels with other backbone providers. Currently, we maintain a number of tunnels, including direct links with SURFnet, UUnet-NL, EPnet and Fontys.

We will peer with anyone who has decent IPv4 connectivity to our router, which is [].

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