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The WDG Reference section

The WDG's reference section offers background information and technical specifications on HTML authoring. Its main purpose is not to provide browser-specific "hacks", or workarounds for browser bugs or limitations, but to give the correct way to do it. In cases where this may conflict with browsers, there will be a note explaining this.

Table of contents

* NEW! The HTML 4.0 Reference covers HTML 4.0, the newest HTML standard. The reference describes all HTML 4.0 elements and their attributes while including examples and notes on usage.
* The Wilbur section covers HTML 3.2. In this section you will find a list of all tags, including attributes, syntax, permitted contents and notes on usage.

The HTML reference is now also available in various help formats (Windows, Mac, OS/2) which can be used offline.

* Style sheets can be used to suggest a layout for HTML documents. The Cascading Style Sheets section offers a complete overview of CSS1, the most popular standard for style sheets. It has an introduction, a tutorial and a comprehensive reference. Also available is the CSS Guide in Chinese.
* The character set overview lists all characters (together with entity names) in the ISO Latin 1 character set, which is used on the Web.
* In the WDG's Links section, you will find pointers to HTML validators, which can help you catch syntax errors and ensure your documents conform to the standard.
* To explain the terms used in this reference, a technical glossary is available.

This reference section is maintained by Arnoud "Galactus" Engelfriet. If you encounter an error in this section, have a question about one of the statements made in here, or just want to make a comment, please send it to me at

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