The Web Design Group

Style Guides

Designing for Multiple Browsers Without Being Bland
An excellent article that discusses designing attractive sites without losing accessibility.
Hints for Web Authors
Discusses portability issues while evaluating the effects of proprietary markup.
Use of ALT texts in IMGs
A thorough report that discusses the proper use of ALT attributes.
Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen's Column on Web Usability
A regular article focusing on Web usability issues, from an author's and user's standpoint.
All Things Web
A nice collection of articles emphasizing usable, reader-friendly authoring.
HTML <IMG ...> tag ALT attributes
Suggestions for using ALT attributes properly.
Math and HTML
A style guide for using math on the Web, with suggestions for platform independence.
Creating Platform Independent Documents
Tips on maintaining a wide audience through platform independence.
Composing Good HTML
Addresses style issues at both the document and site levels.
Web Provider Hints
Recommendations and links for information providers on the Web.
Do's and Don'ts of Web Design
Short list of do's and don'ts, including links to real-world examples.