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This list of Frequently Asked Questions is maintained by the WDG and was last updated on November 29, 1999. It may be found at the following URLs:

If you would like to contribute to this FAQ, please send mail to <>. All contributors will be listed at the bottom of the FAQ.


  1. Getting Started
    1. What is everyone using to write HTML?
    2. Where can I find a list of all the current HTML tags?
    3. How can I show HTML examples without them being interpreted as part of my document?
    4. How do I get a so-and-so character in my HTML?
    5. Should I put quotes around attribute values?
    6. How can I include comments in HTML?
    7. How can I check for errors?
    8. What is a DOCTYPE? Which one do I use?
  2. Web Publishing
    1. Where can I put my newly created Web pages?
    2. Where can I announce my site?
    3. Is there a way to get indexed better by the search engines?
    4. How do I prevent my site from being indexed by search engines?
    5. How do I redirect someone to my new page?
    6. How do I password protect my web site?
    7. How do I stop my page from being cached?
    8. How do I hide my source?
    9. How do I detect what browser is being used?
    10. How do I get my visitors' email addresses?
    11. Why is my custom 404 message not displayed?
  3. Web Design
    1. How do I include one file in another?
    2. Which should I use, &entityname; or &#number; ?
    3. Should I use lower case or upper case for tags?
    4. For what screen size should I write?
    5. Why does my page display fine in browser X but incorrectly or not at all in browser Y?
    6. Why does the browser show my plain HTML source?
    7. How do I freeze the URL displayed in a visitor's browser?
    8. How do I make a table which looks good on non-supporting browsers?
    9. Can I nest tables within tables?
    10. How do I center a table?
    11. Can I use percentage values for <TD WIDTH=...>?
  4. Hyperlinks
    1. Should I end my URLs with a slash?
    2. How do I link to a location in the middle of an HTML document?
    3. How do I link without using the full URL?
    4. How do I create a link that opens a new window?
    5. How do I create a link that opens a new window of a specific size?
    6. How do I get a button which takes me to a new page?
    7. How do I get a back button on my page?
    8. How do I create a link that sends me email?
    9. How do I specify a subject for a mailto: link?
    10. How do I link an image to something?
    11. How do I eliminate the blue border around linked images?
    12. How do I link different parts of an image to different things?
    13. How do I turn off underlining on my links?
    14. How can I have two sets of links with different colors?
    15. How can I make links change when the cursor is over them?
    16. Why are my hyperlinks coming out all wrong or not loading?
    17. Why does my link work in Internet Explorer but not in Netscape?
  5. Other Media
    1. How do I let people download a file from my page?
    2. Why did my link to a _______ file only download a bunch of characters instead?
    3. How do I force a download?
    4. How do I make animated GIFs?
    5. How can I create a thumbnail image that is linked to the full-sized image?
    6. Why am I getting a colored whisker to the left or right of my image?
    7. How can I display random images?
    8. Why are my images coming out all wrong or not loading?
    9. How do I prevent people from saving my images?
    10. Can I put markup in ALT text?
    11. How do I get an audio file to play automatically when someone visits my site?
    12. How can I strip all the HTML from a document to get plain text?
  6. Presentational Effects
    1. How can I make a custom rule?
    2. How can I make a list with custom bullets?
    3. Where can I get a "hit counter"?
    4. How do I display the current date or time in my document?
    5. How do I get scrolling text in the status bar?
    6. How do I right align text or images?
    7. How can I specify fonts in my Web pages?
    8. How do I indent the first line in my paragraphs?
    9. How do I indent a lot of text?
    10. How do I do a page break?
    11. How do I have a fixed background image?
    12. How do I have a non-tiled background image?
    13. How can I have a custom icon when people bookmark my site?
  7. HTML Forms
    1. How do I use forms?
    2. How do I get form data emailed to me?
    3. How do I make a form so it can be submitted by hitting ENTER?
    4. How can I make a form with custom buttons?
    5. Can I have two or more Submit buttons in the same form?
    6. How can I allow file uploads to my web site?
    7. How can I use forms for pull-down navigation menus?
  8. HTML Frames
    1. How do I make a link or form in one frame update another frame?
    2. Why do my links open new windows rather than update an existing frame?
    3. How do I update two frames at once?
    4. How do I get out of a frameset?
    5. How do I make sure my framed documents are displayed inside their frameset?
    6. Is there a way to prevent getting framed?
    7. How do I specify a specific combination of frames instead of the default document?
    8. How do I remove the border around frames?
    9. How do I change the title of a framed document?
    10. Why aren't my frames the exact size I specified?
    11. Are there any problems with using frames?

For additions or omissions to this FAQ, please contact <>.

All information contained herein was originally compiled by members of the Web Design Group, principally Arnoud "Galactus" Engelfriet, John Pozadzides, and Darin McGrew.

Additional input has been provided by Boris Ammerlaan, Lori Atwater, Alex Bell, Stan Brown, Roger Carbol, Alex Chapman, Jan Roland Eriksson, Jon Erlandson, Mark Evans, Alan Flavell, Lucie Gelinas, Bjoern Hoehrmann, Tina Marie Holmboe, Peter Jones, Nick Kew, Jukka Korpela, Simon Lee, Nick Lilavois, Neal McBurnett, Glen McDonald, Dan McGarry, Ken O'Brien, Timothy Prodin, Steve Pugh, Liam Quinn, Colin Reynolds, Kai Schätzl, Doug Sheppard, Sue Sims, Toby Speight, Warren Steel, Ian Storms, Peter Thomson, Daniel Tobias, and Diane Wilson.

Thanks everyone!

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