Section 6: Further Reading

6.1: Other FAQs/collections

****	Lincoln Stein's FAQ is probably the most	****
****	important WWW document you will ever read.	****

The Web Authoring FAQ by 'Galactus' Engelfriet and John Pozadzides

For general WWW issues, the World Wide Web FAQ by Thomas Boutell

Another CGI FAQ, by Marc Hedlund

Perl/CGI programming FAQ, by Shishir Gundavaram and Tom Christiansen

The Idiot's Guide to solving Perl/CGI problems by Tom Christiansen

The WWW Security FAQ by Lincoln Stein

CGI Resources Library

The WWW Virtual Library

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6.2: Reference Pages

The Common Gateway Interface (CGI)	- de facto spec

HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

HyperText Markup Language (HTML)

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