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Frames FAQ: Creating borderless frames

How do I remove the border around frames?

Removing the border around frames involves both not drawing the frame borders and eliminating the space between the frames. The two major frames-capable browsers use different attributes to achieve this.

Netscape 3.0 only recognizes the BORDER attribute on FRAMESET. It can be set to 0, in which case the border will not be shown, and the spacing will be set to zero.

Microsoft Internet Explorer recognizes the FRAMEBORDER and FRAMESPACING attributes on FRAMESET, but in some versions also on FRAME for individual frames. They must both be set to 0.

So, the most widely supported way to display borderless frames is <FRAMESET ... BORDER=0 FRAMEBORDER=0 FRAMESPACING=0>.

Note that removing the border around a frame makes it impossible to resize it, as this border is also used in most GUIS to change the size of the window.

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