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About the Web Design Group

In the interest of addressing your questions about who makes up the WDG, we have decided to present a short introduction in the form of a series of Questions and Answers. If you have any other questions, just ask.

What is the WDG?
The Web Design Group is made up of experienced HTML authors that have banded together in the hopes of providing guidance and instruction to Web authors at all stages of development.
Who is in the Web Design Group?
The members of the Web Design Group are: (in no particular order)
 - Arnoud "Galactus" Engelfriet
 - John Pozadzides
 - Liam Quinn
 - Tina Marie Holmboe
 - Nick Kew
 - Todd Fahrner
 - Darin McGrew
Retired Members include:
 - Craig D. Horton
 - Dave Salovesh
 - Filip Gieszczykiewicz
Why does the Web Design Group exist?
The WDG's charter reads as follows:
The Web Design Group was formed to promote the use of valid and creative HTML documents. The WDG officially has no preference for browser type, screen resolution, HTML publishing tool or any other means by which HTML may be incorrectly manipulated. The WDG's sole interest is in promoting the creation of Non-browser Specific, Non-resolution Specific, Creative and Informative sites that are Accessible to ALL users worldwide.
When was the WDG formed?
The WDG had its humble beginning on May 25, 1996 with the issuance of invitations into the group by John Pozadzides. Of the original 10 invited members, four were unable to accept due to extenuating circumstances. Unfortunately, the two women who were invited both were unable to join, leaving the group with nothing but men. Despite this shortcoming, the members were able to function enough to provide all of the information available on this site until Tina Marie accepted the WDG's invitation to join on December 22, 1996. :-)
Where is the WDG located?
The members of the WDG reside on a virtual planet known as CyberSpace. Their physical bodies are however trapped in different countries on Earth.
How do they do that?
It ain't easy...
What are "they" saying about
Just look and see!

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